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Nigeria has no contigency plans for its citizens in the wake of any disaster

third mainland

After they(MEND) threatened to blow up third mainland bridge a couple of weeks ago, I began giving thought to the capacity/level of preparedness of the Fatherland to prevent and handle disaster. Considering that as far as Natural disasters are concerned, Nigeria could very well say it is much blessed, the question still remains: what if? The more I think about it, the more I fear and pray that may God forbid bad things from happening. More discussion about the news above is here.

The question is: are we prepared for disasters?

The answer is: No

The third mainland bridge, Lagos state which is always choked up in traffic at major hours: 8am-10am, 5pm-8pm is definitely a prime target for any extremist ‘please-give-us-your-ears’ group of people.

Countries around the world are preparing for disasters(natural, terrorist, technological, etc.,) in every way imaginable, but nothing seems to be happening in and with the Nigerian government. If we are even to play down the threats of terrorist-wannabe’s, and focus on Natural disasters, do we have the technology in place to forecast, predict, such disasters? Do we have an early warning system to send out an alarm at a safe escape-for-your-life time-interval? I am still wondering if Nigeria can handle it.

Using Lagos state as a test-bed, I wonder how many boats can be mobilized underneath the third mainland for rescue operations? How many trained, physically fit and able scuba-divers are available, and ready, on call? How many heli-birds would be on standby to give the world a minute-by-minute coverage, and lift off survivors? How many are medical personnel that could rescue lives? The questions keep going on and on and on.

Two weeks ago, a Fuel Tanker exploded in the vicinity of the National Stadium. full-story here

Person-Roasted-In-Fire“Many of the victims who were roasted to death were commuters in buses and other motorists trapped in the vehicles that were close to the burning tanker”

“Our reporters who were at the scene of the disaster said it was a gory sight as dead bodies roasted alive were seen on the road, while some of the victims who were unable to escape from their vehicles were burnt to ashes.”

“One hour after the incident occurred, neither the police nor men of the fire service came to the scene even though their offices are located about 200 metres away.

I remember, I was on my bed, listening to the radio, and about to drift off into a good night rest, when I heard the news about this fiery furnace tanker. In a country where everyone is practically on his own, where our leaders have no vision for the future, where technological development is a function of ‘how much I can earn from it‘, I really wonder what the future holds.

It will be interesting to ask what contigency plans both the Federal and the States government of Nigeria have in place for the citizens, in the wake of any serious natural disaster such as wiidfire, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, mudslides, heavy floods, and tornados? ” full story here

Lets put the word ‘serious’ into our pocket, the painful truth is: Nigeria has no contigency plans for its citizens in the wake of any disaster. If I remember right, it was during the past elections when I saw a lady wearing a Nigerian Red Cross vest. It was then, it dawned on me that Nigeria even has a red-cross society, but yet, do we know where they are? do we see them in emergency situations? are they properly equipped to respond to Natural disasters? are people properly informed on what to do where, when, how? Kindly note that the most recent disaster news on the Nigerian Red Cross webpage is dated 13th June, 2006 – talk about information dissemination. These, and more questions have to be answered by our well and able government.

Two suggestions mainly:
1) that our Telecommunication Companies can come to our rescue by providing national-interconnecting-hot-numbers through which disaster messages can be broadcasted(text messaged) free of charge, at least to reach those near or far.

2) It would also be nice to see the Nigerian Police trained to be informed about, and to respond to disasters.


Mobile Africa


I caught the picture above at, and thought

‘MobileAfrica’ – if they can’t get to the mobile, get the mobile to them!

quite a good business strategy

How do I visit the website of the PHCN office for my zone when I have no light in my house?

After the transformation from NEPA to PHCN, all that has successfully been done is putting up of websites here and there and distribution of electricity meters. Fine we love to see colorful websites, but more, we want to see the colorful lights of our bulbs and florescent tubes. Examples of such websites,,,,

I definitely believe these web-sites are part of the e-Government strategy!!


First of all, I would be interested to know how much money was awarded and embezzled for contracts of building all these ‘more on google’ PHCN websites. How do I visit the website of the PHCN office for my zone when I have no light in my house?

Please, help me with this mathematics:
– how many states are in Nigeria? how many PHCN zones per state? how many PHCN ‘zonal-basis’websites? how many webhosts? how many webmasters?

– are there computers at all these Zonal offices? NO, coz the majority of them are still using typewriters.

….. talk about a total waste of money, time, effort.
….. talk about contracts for the killing – all for the sake of ‘PHCN’ Web presence, yet I have no light in my house.

Is it not more reasonable to have one major PHCN WebPortal from which ‘customers’-the Nigerian populace, can access information from any location, and for any PHCN location in the country? I wonder why our leaders love doing things in the reverse.

Yes its true and a shame: Nigeria is Rich in Oil, Dependent On Firewood. I wonder if our leaders think of the good that will befall Nigeria if NEPA/PHCN or whatever is readily available.

Taking Lagos state for example:
1) Every house (residence) has at least 1-generator set.
2) Organizations, companies, banks etc, have at least 2-high powered generator sets.
3) Shops, commercial centers, restaurants, Mr. Biggs and their likes have their own set of generator sets.
4) I doubt, but really I do not think that there is a Church/Mosque in Lagos that does not have a generator set.
5) Even the MTN/Glo card sales lady has her own means of providing electricity for herself.

I wonder: With all the Oil Nigeria is producing and burning away on a daily basis, foreign exchange here and there, I wonder what the bottle-neck exactly is, that Nigeria cannot, after 47-years of Independence have stable electrical power-supply. Our African neighbors have since left us behind. No need to elaborate.

The economics of a stable electrical power supply are not too far-fetched – the cost of basic goods will drop to very affordable levels. Example: if the business center woman has electrical power 8-working hours a day, 5-naira per photocopied page won’t be acceptable anymore.

I believe that one major quality a leader should possess is to look for a major problem, lack, deficiency, need or want in the life, and environment of the people he/she is leading and profer an immediate and permanent solution.

If only we have a President who could solve our electricity problem, even if such a President does not achieve any other thing while in office, except provide Nigerians with stable electricity, Nigerians would forever be greatful to such.

What a wish!!!

PHCN Customer Service Charter Introduction