Hello world – NigeriaTechBlog

Of Technology, of Nigeria and how it all concerns us, you are welcome to “NigeriaTechBlog”. Here, the talk is about Nigeria and Technology, Technology and Nigeria. Definitely these two themes are quite broad, and so we shall be digging up and down, tearing left and right, branching out here and there to see how one can help the other, and vice-versa.

Having joined a lot of tech-forums here and there, and having ‘tried to be an active member of as many as I’ve joined’ over the years…..although I’m still trying, I had been thinking of a project such as this…..starting a blog, a talk about the fatherland and technology…..and what better day to launch it than today, Nigeria’s Independence Day celebration. Nigeria is 47.

Happy Birthday Nigeria!!!

Knowledge is Power and I believe that the more know-how one has, the more profitable he/she will become(an ongoing process), for self and the immediate environment. Its all about trying to make my world a better place.

This is the first shot.

Again, welcome to NigeriaTechBlog!!!


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