Congo’s pygmies turn to technology

Through the use of Hand-held satellite tracking devices, Pygmies and commercial loggers have begun to work together in the Congo Basin Republic.

The Congo River (for a time known as Zaire River) is the largest river in Western Central Africa. Its overall length of 4,700 km (2,922 miles) makes it the second longest in Africa (after the Nile). more on wikipedia

pygmiesWith the Congo basin completely mapped, and available on GPS, with these devices in hand, the Pygmies and the loggers know and can identify if their present location is marked for preservation, marked for logging, a no-go area, even where their vehicles must/must not drive through. These devices also help monitor the logging activities agaiinst illegal loggers. Read the full story here by Gladys ,M.

picture source

I believe its high time that Africa starts utilizing technology to its advantage. Farmers could take a cue from this, even petty traders.

example: Nigeria could take a cue from this to provide information on traffic situations around the country. With GPS enabled mobile-phones, that ‘I am stuck up in a heavy traffic jam‘ might ease out a little bit. Another perspective is on security. With by the hour up-to-date GPS info, no-go areas due to an on-going armed robbery operation(perhaps) could be very useful. It could also help track these bandits on their getaway.

There are so many applications, and all we can hope is that we wake up to these realities that could make life easier.


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