taking a cue from buildaplane.org

I just stumbled across this great site / great idea at http://www.buildaplane.org

The idea is that kids(high school students) would learn everything about science, math and technology by building real time airplanes.

Please tell me if anything could be more interesting.

As a techie myself, I believe the idea of involving students in real-time experiments is very fundamental to learning, as well as bringing out the best in the student, generally.
Sorry to be a kill-joy here, but I can / I have realized that the idea of promoting theories only in African education has become a very limiting factor to realizing the potentials of brain-power. The bad news is that our teachers/lecturers were schooled on theories, therefore they cannot give what they don’t have – they have to give theory to their students.

A lot of students, even up to the university level have a lot of deficiencies when it comes to the practicals of their area of study, eg: Computer Science University graduates who have to go for a Computer Appreciation Course in a Computer school after 5–years of University education. Should such pursue further studies locally, the result of such ‘research’ are all theories too. Then where is development, where is invention, where are the ideas. None. It is not very hard to see Africans go abroad and excel with little or no effort. Yes, they are exposed to the ‘reality’ of education with modern laboratory equipments, excellent books etc, but I believe the opportunity to perform real-time experiments contributes to bringing out the best in them.

Anyway, I am hopeful that one day, we will see the light and our education system in Africa will receive a total overhaul. I’m quite happy to see whats happening at buildaplane.org.

I hope the leaders in our educational system can take a cue.




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