Microsoft: Windows XP to be retired in 2008

I love Windows XP, and I don’t have time for VISTA.

win xp

Windows XP will stop being available on new PCs from the end of January 2008.

Microsoft is keeping to a plan to stop selling the operating system even though surveys show a lukewarm response to Windows Vista among consumers.

Microsoft has confirmed that from 31 January 2008 large PC makers, such as Dell, HP and Toshiba, will no longer be able to buy licences for the software so they can install it on new machines.


I’m like thinking: is there no provision for a customer to demand / rather make a wish from his service provider(this time Microsoft)… this sense: Dear sir, we love Windows XP. We believe you have done a very good 101% job on Windows XP, and are satisfied with it. Can you brush aside your Vista, coz it doesn’t really add any Vista to our usage of the computer system.


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