an interview with Mubarak Abdullah, Nigerian undergraduate student who built a helicopter

Sometime ago, it was in the news, regarding a Nigerian undergraduate student, by name Mubarak Abdullah, who built a helicopter in his backyard.

I first read it on nairaland, but a good lot of web sites/forums carried it. Rather than bore you web site details, here’s a Google search.


the following is an interview, granted by email with Mr. Mubarak.


naijatechtalk: Briefly describe yourself, who you are, what Institution do you attend, your year-level and course of study.

Mubarak: I am a fulani guy, I am 24 years of age, I am studying B.S.C. physics level 200 first degree in Bayero University Kano nigeria.

naijatechtalk: would you call your helipad project the result of a(your) planned research or just a simple-hobby that made it to the lime-light.

Mubarak: Ya i will call it both a planned project in my own personal research and also my hobby. Because my life is based on technical and electrical feild.

naijatechtalk: What was the major aim /goal that you wanted to achieve?

Mubarak: I want to promote science and technology in my area and Nigeria as a whole with the little i know on so many feilds not only on helicopters.

naijatechtalk: is this your first major project that will gain nation-wide attention? what have you engaged in before, and why/why not didnt we hear of such?

Mubarak: ya it is my first project that gains nation wide attention, and there are much more on the way to appear. And i was back engaged on computer stuffs like computer security system,Surveillance cameras, car handset alarms and my own built computer hardware constructed by me. Lastly i don’t no about you accept now.

naijatechtalk: How long did it take you from start to finish?

It took me 8months to finish it because it was the first but now it only took me 2 months to finish the new one.

naijatechtalk: What major challenge/s did you face during this period, example: lack of finances, lack of parts, lack of support from friends, lack of technical reference materials etc.

All of the above mentioned. Problems financial support, lack of technical support references,and lack of exact materials are the main and major problems.

naijatechtalk: What can you say about the ‘environmental friendliness’ aspect of your helipad?

My neighbors and other people where happy about it and also encourages me to continue on but did not help in any way except prayers. But I am still happy.

naijatechtalk: In your own opinion, what is the major hindrance / bottle-neck to Nigerians becoming ‘innovative in nature’?

Look for them once they are good support then,help them,encourage them and the most important educate them by scholarships or any other way.

naijatechtalk: your helipad project is complete, now what next?

I am improving the construction by doing a new one and also I am on other new amazing things.


Thanks for being a guest on NaijaTechTalk.

p.s: a comment by Mr. Mubarak, on mypenmypaper, with his telephone number and address.


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  1. my Email adress is——– or—– and my phone nomber is 070-28107478 or 070-36008034

  2. te felicito viejo por este logro me podrias asesorar de como lo hiciste tambien quiero hacerme uno

  3. hello……i like d way u go wit ur talent experience pls i want 2 part

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