naijatechtalk admin is Chief Happiness Engineer

One of my New Year Resolution for 2008 is to Just Be Happy – more like the ‘Just Do It’ slogan. As a result, I’ve been doing some research about happiness, and my major find, since the beginning of the year has been: I always make sure to do an early morning read before things start getting busy.

Alex( talks of happiness in the workplace etc., and, he hit the nail on the head with this one: Happiness, its clearly personal. I love the ‘clearly part. My interpretation:

  1. Happiness is personal to the employee working in a company. He or she must make a permanent decision to be happy regardless of the lack-of / excess-of rainfall or sunshine at work.
  2. Happiness is and should be a Personal, big-picture decision to the Company/Organization, providing a service to people, always seeking to make their customers happy.

An observation about the typical Nigerian environment is that people just work, I mean, People Just Work, the no-strings-attached kind of mentality, perhaps just for the money, or for the purpose of just been busy or having something to do daily. Happiness is usually not in the picture for most people. Could I say they are not happy working or rather not happy in/with their place of work, or perhaps such feel there is no reason why they/someone should be happy since they are working for money. But yes, I still think: Happiness is clearly personal.

A lot of things could be responsible for their(employees in general)  presence / attendance in the lack-of-happiness department, but on the other hand, I think the tables should be turned around to the service provider level – where a company/organization has an aim to make its customers happy, happy all the time. Talk about Banks, Restaurants, Schools, Law firms etc, the general air is what I call: We Are Doing You A Favor. I usually think: what if I decide to get my favor from somewhere else, then you loose a sale, you loose a customer. Anyway, the talk boils down to lack of customer service in the Nigerian work/service-provider environment.

Won’t it be wonderful when/if Companies, Parastatals, Hospitals etc., especially Banks in Nigeria have someone in charge of Customer Happiness, whose major job description is to make sure customers are satisfied and Happy with whatever service they are receiving. The Happiness Officer would make sure things are in place, right from the metal scanner entrance, to the provision of seats for customers, to the proper guidance of customers as to who(staff) that could be of help to them, to the speed and courtesy with which the bank staffs do their jobs etc. Of-course, not all customers can be kept-happy, as a lot have personal issues on the line, but in general, the we-are-doing-you-a-favor idea is seriously wrong.

Still on my happiness trail. I just read this article today and I thought it nice to share:

My goal as director of happiness is to work with our clients to make sure their projects proceed smoothly, that we meet their schedule and scope expectations, and that we flex to accommodate emerging trends and information. I also work with the team on quality assurance, making sure our work meets our own standards and meets our clients’ needs…

Happiness is also a cultural value here. The idea is that folks who are doing the work that satisfies them will be more productive and more harmonious than folks doing work that isn’t satisfying. Happiness sounds fluffy, it sounds optional, but it isn’t.


what the heck is a directory of happiness

p.s…since the Chief Happiness Officer title is already taken, I could be the Chief Happiness Engineer….




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