what is happening to naijacommunity dot com

I just stumbled across the website: http://www.naijacommunity.com/ and I was like…”what do we have here’? It looked cool and chic with its green, white and green combination.

Quickly catching my attention was the Holy-Hip Hop banner. I quickly remembered the hip-hop church beside my house.

naiijacommunity 1

After reading through the headlines on the right-hand side of the main page, I was particularly interested in the piece of news titled: Do Africans Need the African-Americans….

I’m not thinking what you are thinking

anyway, all the links on the right-hand column do not work, FYI…

naiijacommunity 2

so i’m moved to ask: with a cool name like naijacommunity.com, what is happening to naijacommunity.com….obviously, it needs a lotta updating.


6 responses

  1. this website is superb how i wish it gives room for local advertisment and local search for sholarship

  2. Request for Registration

  3. Just want to say I like your site.
    So much going on in Nigeria these days.

  4. thank you fomr ass you geiv me to ass you

  5. Reguest for registration to be alerted on special news

  6. i was an ardent member but don’t get latest nes again

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