oh, that our professors might come online


I personally do not know the above, but am quite impressed by his profile. The above picture is from http://profjfojo.com/

Stumbling across this website made made to ask: why is it that Professors in Nigerian Universities don’t usually have a webspace for themselves, where they can publish themselves and their ‘research online’ and on a regular basis. Compared with American and European Universities, every tom, dick and harry lecturer, assistant lecturer, professor and graduate assistant has some information(a resume / research interest at the least) about himself/herself online somewhere. Even if they didn’t personally design / don’t update their websites by themselves, at least, the ‘I’m online’ mentality is there, which would create some amount of interest in ‘getting online’ one way or the other.

Sometime last February, I chanced upon a Professor of Computer Science in one of the nation’s leading Universities, one of the Universities I would have loved to attend. I would rather not mention the name of this institution. The summary of our 20-minute meeting is that this professor of Computer Science didn’t understand some basic things about how to use a simple computer to do something simple, as prepare and print a document in MS.Word. Yes, I could cut him some slack, but as much as the title ‘Professor‘ made my heart yearn for the degree, rang ‘respect’ in my ears, I was like…….so this is what it means to be a professor? in 2008? but indeed he was. Everybody was like, Prof., Prof., Prof., Another question had crossed my mind: what would this man teach his students if he doesn’t know the basics?

The problem with a lot of these professors is that they grew up in the theoretical realm and never had any practical’s. With too much theory in place, with too many administrative duties to attend to, the desire for practical’s have gone. Is it out of point to say that a Prof. still needs to update himself, I mean, what is google.com for in the first place?

I would also like to advocate that our Ministry of Education mandates Universities to get online, by the provision of free Internet facilities for academic staff. The idea of a lecturer/a Professor having to go slug it out with other students at a nearby cybercafe just to check his/her email is extremely wrong.

I mean, how can you teach me to move a mouse if you haven’t moved it yourself? and how would you learn to move the mouse if you don’t have a computer? the questions keep stringing on and on.

before I go too far, let me call it a day.

You can have your say.

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