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how does WAEC leak?

If it was a news about an accusation or the theft of government money by some politicians, we won’t have bothered because its already common news that our leaders are fraud gurus, many of them with extensive years of professional experience. They have  ‘been there and done that‘ and even their present employment in the Nigerian government circle only helps them to solidify their skills and fraudulent talents.

Its the ‘leakage news‘ of the May/June 2008 WAEC examinations. The news has been filtering around since May 2nd, resulting to the cancellation of the English Essay paper. According to some news I read, the examination council could not guarantee the integrity of the paper as a result of theft, by armed robbers. Other subjects which had leaked included biology and physics etc.,

I remember asking my colleague at work: so you mean that WAEC papers can still leak in this country? Anyway, I have decided to put together ways in which I have heard / think that WAEC papers leak out of the bottle.  I hope that one day, this bottle won’t just break into a million pieces.

Are the armed robbers going to sit for the WAEC exam? No.


I can see some die-hard students gathering their monies together, after stealing from their daddy’s and mommy’s. They hire the nearest agbero who calls in his gang to go find how to get possession of the actual question papers. After negotiation, the deal is sealed. They pay and expect the papers, and meanwhile they go on a party, celebrating ‘this time, WAEC na no show’. They finally get the leakages they paid for, they jack hard, sit for the exam and pass with ‘flying colors’.

This is exactly how such will make their way into and through the University of higher learning ‘of their choice‘. Such will breeze through the NYSC. I can see that when/while these students finally become big-bosses, the armed robbers who helped them pass WAEC are still on the streets, and by then are professionals in their field. They don’t steal petty anymore, they are now hired killers and henchmen for our young ‘big-boys and big-girls’ who are eyeing the top. Little by little, they cut down innocent and helpless people and climb an inch after an inch to the top.


I can see daddy and mommy sitting together before they sleep to plan for the success of their son, ‘Junior‘. Rather than talk of how to discipline the delinquent child, they strategize on how to link up with other like-minded parents for ‘extra lessons’, ‘put some things together’ as one of the other parents at the PTA meeting suggested, as encouragement for a contact/staff working in the WAEC examination department, for him/her to ‘assist’ them with ‘study materials. These ‘study material’s are the actual examinations Junior and a host of others are about to take.

Mommy and Daddy soon get a copy of such and then present to ‘Junior’ as reference material to be memorized before Monday morning. I can see mommy encouraging ‘Junior’ to read his books, and making a promise that if he can pass this exam/s,she would allow him to go to London for holidays with his uncle. Junior is so happy and encouraged and with the news, he grabs the ‘reference material’ from mommy and gets down to business. After the exam, he’s so happy and tells mommy: ‘that your reference material is what came out, word for word in my exam’. Thank you mommy, I love you. Months later and WAEC result is out, Junior calls his uncle from his mobile phone: ‘Uncle, believe it or not, I am coming to London for vacation’. Uncle hears the vacation news from Junior first before his own sister.


I can see a very popular staff of the WAEC, ‘Oga DJ’ cracking up jokes, riddles and fables, and extremely happy and glad, while every other staff is laughing and wondering why ‘this is just a happy day’ – all as a sign of distraction on the day he had planned for ‘the operation’. I can see his expensive Chinese mobile/camera phone with 2/4/6 option mega-pixel capability which he uses to snap pictures of some of the exam papers, and sending them to another partner in crime of his, ‘rasta’ by name. Meanwhile, ‘Rasta’ works in ‘that cybercafe’ at Ikeja. ‘Oga DJ’ deletes the picture/s from his phone, wiping out the evidence. On his end, ‘Rasta’ quickly markets the product, and an hour later, pays into ‘DJ’s GTB account. 2-minutes later, a smile crosses ‘DJ’s’ face when he reads his notification message: the amount 300,000.00NGN/deposited-RASTA/ into account number xxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxx. Current balance = zzz,zzz.00NGN At this point, ‘DJ’s comedy blood-cells increase to level-16. He goes ‘O boy, runs dey sweet o. Chai’. A couple of hours later, he receives another text message on his mobile phone, another deposit of 250K from a GTB branch in Abuja. ‘He is making it‘, in the Nigerian ‘sense‘.


At ‘pass for sure’, actually a school/center where WAEC examinees would be writing their papers, the rumor is that the place is ‘hot‘ – meaning a lot of students are looking for ways to relocate/change their test-centers because of every reason under  the Nigerian sun. This is all in a bid to take the test at ‘that’ center. The invigilators at ‘pass for sure’ actually read out the answers to students. They don’t bother about the questions. These invigilators are smart, and therefore each student at that center will make only 10-mistakes per subject. They have been paid and these payments are actually called ‘pepper’, and these ‘pepper’s are sizzling in their bank accounts on this examination day. Ask them, and they’ll tell you: ‘omo, ehn, I’m just doing my job.’

By the time these lazy students, delinquent parents and armed robbers put their heads together, what can we expect in a country named Nigeria. With a total collapse of Values and morals in our society, I do not expect the WAEC examinations to be hitch-free as long as Nigeria cannot conduct a hitch/rig/manipulation-free political election. Like fathers – like sons, like mothers – like daughters. We can do no better than those who have / are going before us, can we?

Leaders are always leading by example – whether the example is good or bad.’Its what I can see that I’ll do’. When a man’s children are taking to the streets, is he not to go back home and check what has been lost? No, our leaders cannot look for what they have lost, they would rather seek for the growth of what they didn’t plant.

I wonder if such a bad testimony is what pervades the rest of Africa, where these exams are taken. Are there as many WAEC cheaters in Ghana as are in Nigeria?Why is it that there is always a paper to be cancelled or retaken when the talk comes to WAEC, JAMB or whatever.

Can we expect such University graduates to do anything meaningful as leaders in their community, political figures in their states or at the National level? Won’t they continue embezzling money and plundering the nation’s reserves? And yet we are the ones who will vote them in, after their aides deposit a bag of ‘golden rice’ at our door steps during the election period.

I thought they said history repeats itself. The truth is if we want to know about the past, we should look at the present and think backwards.

Turning the tables around: is it possible that our present crop of politicians and leaders were just as delinquent as the picture of today’s Nigerian youth I have painted above, paying / cheating their way through their academics, with no regard for integrity and hard-work and as such aren’t capable and knowledgeable enough to make laws and administer programs that would bring us out of the age of stone? It is not possible to give what you don’t have?

History always has a way of repeating itself.


PHCN, Parastatal or Parasite





I caught the above from Tuesday’s hard-copy of the Nigerian Guardian Newspapers

Answer: PHCN is a Parasite.

what is your own answer.

site123 test with Drupal

I received my regular update from codelobster this morning.  It was on their details page where I saw ‘Drupal” and decided to know what it really was all about.

Anyway, I just fell in love with Drupal. I think its a cool tool though, easy installation, not much to graple with on the technical side. I just set it up on my local XAMPP development machine, which I have been using for target practice. I have been actually looking for a tool I could use in setting up a website, a forum and a weblog all in one pack, and with the few things I have seen on Drupal, it seems it might be possible after all.

I have also been thinking of promoting this weblog. Anyway, I set up 3 user accounts, and made a post with each username.



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