a nice article about leaving the rat race

We all want to leave the Rat Race. We don’t want to win the race, but to leave it totally. Talk about making a total exit.

I just found a nice article. It starts like this:

Pursuing your dream isn’t as easy as quitting your job and following your heart. Passion doesn’t pay your bills or provide for your family, which is why many entrepreneurs hang on to the security of their 9-to-5 jobs during the difficult startup phase.

But what happens when you finally hit the wall and realize, “I can’t do this anymore”? Maybe it happens in your cubicle as you’re counting down the hours until you can work on your product. Or maybe it happens on yet another business trip, a thousand miles from home, as you sit in a lonely hotel room, thinking about your family. Whatever the reason, it’s this deciding factor that finally drives you to make that leap of faith.

Whether you’ve crashed through this wall or simply caught a glimpse of it in the distance, take heart. You, too, can pursue your entrepreneurial dream and finally cut the strings to your 9-to-5 life. Here’s how three former 9-to-5ers reached their breaking points, found the courage to follow their hearts and left the corporate world to start businesses of their own.

How Three Entrepreneurs Cut the 9-to-5 Strings


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