Windows 3000 Beta edition

I saw this on some site, and I quite like the idea…..the keyboard by the window…I mean, talk about someone that has gone tech-nuts….




on a more serious note, I was reading something sometime ago about wireless electricity. The proponents say its possible.

Now let me assume its also possible that my computer can be all wireless and also invisible…..who likes hardware anyway. We can go software and also invisi-ware……my invisible computer, which I can locate at any coordinate(since its invisible and actually disturbs noone) connects to the wireless(invisible) internet….so my guy sitting by his window hasn’t gone nuts at all. He might just be doing ‘technical support’ – working from home.

Now, lets say we have a neighborhood where 10–techies live, and all of them work from home, and I can see these 10–guru’s pull their curtains aside early each morning to get to work. hhmmmmm

They guy up there has his window shut, meaning his window serves as his wide screen. And since colors(red, yellow and blue) do not have an effect in this new technology, we can well assume that our information is more secure than its used to be.


2 responses

  1. Hahahahaha, nice concept!

    Back to the future!

  2. Do you think you could help me with my blog? I’m willing to pay you 🙂 Contact me.

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