what has happened to shopforless.com

please, does anyone have information about shopforless.com? Nigeria’s online shopping mall?

They were the first in the Nigerian online sales business, now they are no where to be found. Are they recuperating, preparing for a new image or have they closed down or what?

anyone with information, please, respond.


5 responses

  1. never even heard of them. I wonder what has happened to them?

  2. Shopforless was my favourite store before it was bought-over buy park ‘n’ shop. They had fantastic products and offers and an innovative shopping platform that totally reduced the risk associated with online shopping as well as mitigated the apprehension Nigerians have with staking their monies on the internet for a good not yet physically seen. All those innovations disappeared the moment park ‘n’ shop showed up.
    First, the price of goods shot up like flames; next products remained stagnant on the site – no updates; now the site is off-air (I hope I’m permitted to use that term) because they cannot maintain it.
    It’s very unforunate what has happened to shopforless. I keep checking the site like I did today, hoping it will bounce back. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and pray park ‘n’ shop will vomit shopforless and put it back ‘on air.’

  3. What happened to shopforless is unbelieveable. I still have money in my wallet, how would I use up my balance with them or Park n shop will accept to refund?

  4. Dont worry guys, very soon u would have it much cheaper, reliable and be able to “Set your search free from boundries” if i should put it that way….., Hearing the news of a new site sprining up…. , will keep u all posted…

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