– False website for Association of Nigerian Authors, BEWARE

The Association of Nigerian Authors represents Nigerian creative writers at home and abroad. It was founded in 1981 with the novelist Chinua Achebe as President. The current President is Hon (Dr) Wale Okediran. The Association has branches in almost all the States in Nigeria.

I landed on this fraudulent looking weblog this morning, which claims to be the official weblog of the Association of Nigerian Authors(ANA), Lagos chapter. What looks very suspicious about the weblog is a host of 419 and scam letters presented as daily posts, with no additional comments by the blogger/post, advising readers/surfers to beware of such letters. Other posts on the blog are ‘press releases’, meeting minutes of the Lagos ANA branch(which do not look so authentic either), spam mails(advertisements), and a host of scam mails/letters etc.

Does this lagosana blogger man/woman know what blogging is all about? does he/she, or do they know what creating a positive impression is all about? a positive impression about Nigerian authors, a positive online impression?

As of this writing, there is a blogpost on that weblog for Thursday Sept11th which is a scam mail.

Please Beware!

click on the image to enlarge.





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