ATM Kalo Kalo, another kind of 419

Faulty ATM machines

SIR: Before now, I had heard countless tales of how the ATM machine has become “Kalo Kalo” that is a gambling machine and how most ATM users have become victims of this in the recent past. In my wildest dream, I never expected to also become a victim until September 9, 2008 when I went with my Oceanic ATM card for a withdrawal transaction at one of their branches at Isolo. I would even consider myself fortunate because that particular branch is about the only branch where one get a receipt after each ATM transaction.

Most Oceanic branches never install print-out receipts on their ATM machines and Osolo way branch can be commended for this singular act. Or how would I have been able to confirm that the money I had requested for on the machine and which was not forthcoming had actually been deducted from my account? I almost passed out when my money refused to ‘Step out’ but the receipt indicated I had withdrawn the said money. It was obviously a failed transaction. If I had gone to one of the many Oceanic branches that issue no receipt at the end of transactions, I bet my money would have been deducted without my knowing it. It is obvious that a lot of ATM users must unknowingly have fallen victims of such ‘accident’. I rushed to the banking hall to lodge my complaint but was told to fill a form and asked to wait for another two days before confirming the reversal of such-ill-fated transaction. A few of my colleagues also confirmed that they had experienced such issues too at Oceanic and it makes me wonder what really is happening. In cases where the ATM user is debited for a failed transaction without his/her knowledge, where does the money end up? It is really a sad point in the ATM lifespan and the earlier users get knowledgeable about this problem, the better for all. Customers deserve to “Experience Peace” as indicated in the Oceanic clich?.

Ngozi Konyebagu (Mrs.)

source: click here

Between plain and simple shitty business, and God bless you money releases, honestly, I believe someone should be held responsible importing all these Fake ATM machines into Nigeria. This ‘who’ would comprise of all the government officials, bank executives, IT personnel/IT companies, business men, import and export agencies who all collaborated in imporing these junk into Nigeria and calling them ‘Technology’.

These are extremely old machines that were used abroad in the early 90’s. Complete junks, they are of extremely no use in this economy. There are armed robbers that forcefully break into houses and make away with the owners cash and properties, there are others who change figures and sweep the Nigerian reserves clean. This third kind are those who make theirs by deploying ‘technology’ that doesn’t work and collecting ‘service charges’.

This is another kind of 419.

Beware, be careful!



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