lost online – please help Novena University

There is an ‘Undergraduate Admission for 2008/2009 session’ advert in todays edition of the Nigerian Guardian Newspaper, calling for admission into 4-colleges.

Its my first time to hear of this University. I feel the stakeholders of this University could have done better on the name. To google dot com I went and discovered its one of the newly licensed private universities, according to this post from Nairaland. Much ado about being uninformed about whats happening in this fatherland.

This excerpt is from a reply to someone looking for info about Novena University on yahoo answers:

The first private university in Delta State, Novena University, Amai, has taken off with about 200 students. The Vice Chancellor, Professor W.O. Olu-Aderounmu announced that the institution would start with 26 courses.

Novena University is also listed in a list of University and degree awarding institutions in Nigeria, which I downloaded from here. Another suprising info in the advert was the 2008-contact phone number of this University: novenauniversity@yahoo.com.

For God’s sake, are we saying that a University that got an operating license since 2005 cannot get a fully qualified domain name after 3-years? they cannot setup an email-server and have a contact email address that doesn’t sound ‘yahoo’? and yet, there is a department of natural and applied sciences, under which the department of computer science and mathematics belong. I wonder what the curriculum at Novena looks like.

The most reliable info about Novena University website directs to: http://www.emrproject.com/novenauniversity/ which is more of a project page.

The upper portion of the advert informs us that the University’s website is: www.novenauniversityogume.com, which as of this writing defaults to nothing but a page generated by Parallels Plesk Control Panel application.


A ping test to novenauniversityogume.com:

C:\>ping novenauniversityogume.com -t

Pinging novenauniversityogume.com [] with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time=747ms TTL=47
Reply from bytes=32 time=745ms TTL=47
Reply from bytes=32 time=739ms TTL=47
Reply from bytes=32 time=745ms TTL=47
Reply from bytes=32 time=739ms TTL=47
Reply from bytes=32 time=737ms TTL=47
Reply from bytes=32 time=736ms TTL=47
Reply from bytes=32 time=734ms TTL=47

Then I thought otherwise: a ping test to novenauniversity.com:

C:\>ping novenauniversity.com -t

Pinging novenauniversity.com [] with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time=719ms TTL=237
Reply from bytes=32 time=720ms TTL=237
Reply from bytes=32 time=696ms TTL=237
Reply from bytes=32 time=709ms TTL=237
Reply from bytes=32 time=715ms TTL=237
Reply from bytes=32 time=713ms TTL=237
Reply from bytes=32 time=701ms TTL=237
Reply from bytes=32 time=711ms TTL=237
Reply from bytes=32 time=710ms TTL=237
Reply from bytes=32 time=710ms TTL=237
Reply from bytes=32 time=728ms TTL=237
Reply from bytes=32 time=689ms TTL=237

with a default webpage at:


Definitely, the first University in Delta State is misinforming its online audience.

5 responses

  1. It’s really shocking how bad the school’s management is. I’ve been trying to look up their fee schedule but haven’t been able to.

  2. nwanosike charles

    sir/madam,i have gone through your site for admission requirements for computer science but could not found any reliable information. could you please tell me the requirements, ie the school fees,accommodation, and acceptance fees under computer science, in fact all i need to know about my admission in there. you can also test or call me on this number: 08065854402 or 08063854478. thanks and God bless.

  3. sir/madam, i have gone through your site for admission requirements for mass-commnuication but could not find any information,could you please tell me the requirements,ie the school fees,accommodation and acceptance fees under mass-communication and other additional fees.when am i coming to write the ume exams or is there any means of me sending my credentials to your school or any branch in Lagos.

  4. @genevieve ubaka

    Please note: This is not the website for Novena University.

    NTT Admin

  5. Pls i seek for admission into this university…economics dept..pls call me on this number please…07038979340..

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