From Facebook to 9jabook, where is the originality

I don’t mean to be a kill-joy on this one, but the guys at 9jabook could have thought of a ‘better and more ‘unique’ Nigerian factor to use as/for their name.

The Nigerian concept should be original and not a borrowed adjective like what 9jabook presently sounds like. 

1) My mind is ‘booking’ about ORIGINALITY:
I forsee Level-1 subsidiaries of 9jabook to be: wazobiabook, yorubabook, igbobook, hausabook and ‘the rest of us’. Level-2 would commence with lagosbook, abujabook, portharcourtbook, kadunabook, josbook, ekitibook, kanobook, ondobook, ibadanbook etc., At Level-3, our mentalities would be further sub-divided, for example: lagosbook can re-start with: ikejabook, surulerebook, ikoyibook, marylandbook etc. Every other ‘state’ can continue from wherever they want to. The most serious of lagosbook would be  mushinbook and ajegunlebook.

I’m just trying to point out the need for ORIGINALITY, which is not a common word with Nigerian oriented forums, e-groups and 9jabooks lookalikes. Just this morning, I was reading about No pun intended. See, Nigeria is so wide and deep that we Nigerians cannot even fathom what and what is there, undiscovered.

2) What is 9jabook dot com?
Much ado about originalilty: so I landed on  and I thought its quite cool. I looked for info about what was new that we haven’t seen before. Here is what they(9jabook) have to say:

What is 9jabook?

this is the network of choice

When you create a 9jabook login, you can also add a set of basic details and your photo to your 9jabook account. . It also enables you to keep track of your friends and messages .

My search for ‘more information’ brought me to their login page, with these ‘9ja’ style kinda terms and conditions:

I agree to the 9jabook Please read these terms for By using products, any part of the site or any of the content of the site you are making an agreement under its terms of use and privacy policy. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions you may not use them. Before you use 9jabook please: * be sure that your computer fully meets all technical requirement for the product. 1. Discrepancy of ISP provider due to technical requirements of a product cannot be an occasion for refunds for any kind of paid services or any other jamgbajantis. 2. You have no right to remove 9jabook links and logo from 9jabook without official permission from 9jabook as the original 9jabook developer. You can order links removal permission here. 3. The General Public License allows you to modify, to improve and even sell your results but the license should be intact but that is for GPL stuff only ! We appreciate your willingness to be up-to-date with your online community web site. That is why we constantly work at community software development and improvement. We apply all our efforts to make our products better with every new release, and we will continue to do so.

3) Dear 9jabook:
– what if I’m a foreigner married to a Nigerian and I don’t know the definition of jamgbajantis? I believe the correct spelling should be jagbajantis.

4) What is a/an soxl network? And please, if this is considered as new information that I’m unaware of, kindly educate me on this one: What is a soxl network?









My, O my, 9jabook’s ‘terms of service’ congratulates me for registering on Ning, a free online service……..

Updated: February 2006

Thank you for registering on Ning, a free online service for creating your own Social Networks.

These terms of service covers your use of the Ning service for creating and enjoying Social Networks on the Ning Platform.

By registering with Ning, creating, or using Social Networks built on Ning, Inc. (“Ning” or “us”), you are agreeing to these terms of service (“Terms of Service” or “Terms”).

Description & Definitions
Ning offers a platform for creating your own Social Networks (“Platform”). Our lawyers want us to define some other terms as well, so here it goes:

Social Networks or Networks
are comprised of Code and Content. Networks are created by Users or by us and provided, through the use of the Ning Platform, for Users to connect with other Users online. Social Networks include features such as User profiles, friends, comments, recommendations, forums, photo sharing, video sharing, reviews, ratings, people matching, and events, among others.

read on here

Phew, theres no information provided for people just looking around, as every link here and there redirects to the login/registration page. I can understand: in Nigeria, nothing is free, and yet ‘we’ want customers.

I think this is the bane of Nigerian oriented ideas.

5) kini big deal 9jabook?

Each user gets equal share of 49  percent of site Profits. To activate invite 5 unique people, 5people ! You have to make them your friends .They must not be people you met on 9jabook.and they must have a valid photo ID on their profile.You also get one advert credit when you join and that is not all ! U get a share of other 9jabook sites see below and your own free website……….


26 responses

  1. nice review ! mr originality .if i even decide to review yr site u will cry .lol ! in 3mths we are clocking 2500members plus we have an alexa rating of 170,000 ! yr rating is 1,744,521 a disgrace for a critic of nigerian tech ? if u want to critic sites you should be qualified ? have you ever heard of a guest book that is where facebook originated from . ok maybe u are new to the web.! jambanjatis and soxl are new originations of the words . naijatechtalk is not original mr original so called original .goto . its dumbasses like u that nigeria techies does not need(read n correct my french) ! ok soxl ko soxl ni

    so hw come u use wordpress ? why not create your own blogging platform ? thank God you have heard of ning . i smell jealousy here ! lots of it ! lol ! i love you man honest ! this means we are doing sumthin roite .lol like ma english ? pls take a crack at our other sites and help our SEO thx . dumass or lemme be original mumu ! as for being a killjoy forget it u r a mumujoy

  2. and if u paid a bit of attention ning is just a platform that offers premium services to its clients . cmon mr, if u want to criticise do your homework first . gosh i am dissapointed ! n pls u might need to just get yr own domain . let me suggest a few names. also as for being an english professor u have no idea of what an adjective means ! chei ! a noun is a name of a person place or thing . the correct word is synonym ! if u get liver do not delete this comments !

  3. n if u are a foreigner married to a nigerian and dont have the courtesy to find out our lingo from yr spouse then buzz off or if you do update it here u can also use to come up with google sites on nigeria that might .

  4. if you come off yr highhorse we will show u hw to blog and critic well . ok

  5. @Frank Adeche webbaba

    kai,I must have really pissed you off. I make no apologies especially after all you had to say.

    I thought you could have had enough common sense to have it all as 1-comment, it took you 15minutes to get those 3-pieces all those off your chest?, cmon, get real.

    I dont know you, I don’t hate you, but its obvious you really do not know what the definition of constructive criticism is. Besides you’ve decided to get personal. Pls shoot.

    BTW, you could have just picked out one or two things with all I pointed out, and do things better as far as 9jabook is concerned.

    Thanks for informing me about, Its new info for me. I wasnt thinking of that when I registered naijatechtalk on wordpress. I’ll pay a visit and do a review.

    P.s …you need to really take some English lessons.

  6. lol ! u sure are a real dumass ! u sure were not thinking, lol never heard of techtalk, dont know the meaning of an adjective , never figured where facebook got their name, dont know ning offers premium services .
    so what exactly do you know ?
    lol ! but kind enough to recommend folks for english lessons , my goodness i admire you . lol ! the only constructive thing you pointed out was the spelling of jamgbajaintis which for the life of me i still cant get right . u sure took yr time to critic the site , took me 15minutes to knock it all off .the only thing i admire is yr guts to leave this on yr blog for all to see . ! lol ! keep it up dude . you will get there !

  7. @Frank

    thanks for making fun of yourself. You mentioned techtalk so I pulled you on it.

    And it appears that you had to re-read my post-all over just to add your first two lines of your reply. I hope you didnt forget that you read it before.

    Why didnt you break up your reply into 3-pieces this time?

    I would leave this on this weblog, coz it helps you make fun of yourself to the whole wide world. I would soon have a rejoiner post featuring only you….FRANK ADECHE WEBBABA….

    You are welcome. You can give me another reply. Im enjoying the fun.

  8. Hi

    Can you kindly delete this post from your blog .Frank Adeche is not a representative of our site.Kindly remove all references to 9jabook .regards Abi Balogun

  9. This is fun! Hehe, i think u guys shld take a nap cos i checked out 9jabook and saw all d fuckups. Anyway, i got one site from a friend a mobile site (wap) and it took dem jst 3 months to clock 24,000 members wow!

  10. hhmmm,

    @Abi John,
    so how do we know who is who as far as 9jabook is concerned. Frank says hes Naija book, and ure saying hes not.

    do you have proof?

  11. hi Mr Admin

    Thanks for your email i do run the site . As for proof you need goto 9jabook and look for this profile. it is under the title weboga drop a post there and i will reply it .Frank is a member of the site but not an official representative.i can understand his reactions to your criticisms but they are in no way solicited or requested from ourselves or vice versa.The internet is an anonymous place where people think they can say what they like and sometimes no one is wrong .Our rights as an entity request that you put these posts down .It is affecting our SEO rankings on google .


    thanks for your comments . right now we are doing a focus on originality on our website and are featuring the artise Faze as our theme mascot check it out !.When we need a review we will officially ask you .You guys are doing a great Job ! i must say but i am not too impressed with your darkish criticisms. too much simon cowell .lol ! We are always trying our best to improve our game and please all of you out there . Thanks !

  12. @tayo we are not a wap site not yet but are looking forward to integrating free wap on our pages in the first quarter of 09 . I checked the site but it is coming up with a 404 error.I am not based in Nigeria but are looking at a few wap providers for now . chk out
    I am wondering now .How did you guys hear of 9jabook that we are already getting reviews from yall ! and bad ones to boot too ! lol ! and your beeps look like Frank really pissed u all off ! anyway I apologise on behalf of Frank . and keep up the good work .

  13. our own be our own.. as long as its all bout 9ja, am down! lets support our own o..enuff hates!!!

  14. hi admin ! no word from you yet ! regards

  15. […] The Nigerian Engineering Serie…trae_z on naijatechtalk, 2008 end of yea…abi john on From Facebook to 9jabook, wher…sammie on From Facebook to 9jabook, wher…PACE on eolutosins mbaxploit dot com i…Wisdom […]

  16. i really dont understand your post .I see you still have the posts on . anyway that is ok . regards.

  17. This is just a big shame on 9jabook and all naija people who lack originality. It makes it even worse when they get personal over constructive criticism.
    I have a feeling Abi and Frank are one and the same person. He (They’ve) realised their mistakes and are now using another name to politely call on the forum to drop the thread. Thanks 9ja book for washing your dirty linen in public. I always knew you guys were up to no good. Sorry asses!!!

  18. thanks guys we really appreciate this .

  19. is also a good mobile. Site

  20. First i have to thank NTTadmin for the wonderful job you’re doing here.

    I’m Prince the Admin of NIGERIA BEST FORUM . NBF, we welcome all positives critics, that help us to keep growing by listening to what people say and applying it.

    Have the link of our new social network, it’s only six months old, and we have more than 12430 members. Visit it and come back here to say what you feel about it. You comments will be taking seriously by our technical staffs.

    and God Bless.

  21. dp92sb Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!

  22. Guy’s, i don’t see any reason why you guy’s should disgrace yourselves and nigeria.What will the outsiders say if we the owners of this Link will Say a thing like this. 4rm james onwenu

  23. I think this link was made avaliable for the betterment of 9ja people.But instead we have now decided to abuse one another instead of being thankful.The way we correct our mistakes with unmannered words doesn’t speak well of 9ja people and you guy’s behave like people who don’t have manners.

  24. I like the helpful info you provide for your articles.
    I will bookmark your weblog and check once more right here regularly.
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    I’m trying to get my blog to rank for some targeted keywords but I’m not seeing very good success.

    If you know of any please share. Many thanks!

  26. Ridiculous quest there. What happened after?

    Take care!

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