Etisalat 0809wedonchoose Frequently Asked Questions

My previous post, which I meant as a tutorial about Etisalat’s 0809uchoose has generated a lot of responses and questions on the post and in my mailbox etc., all for which I have no answer. Its good, and this is just to show that the ‘Etisalat’ expectation is high in Nigeria, and we all want them to perform.

Anyway, to ‘assist in answering’ some questions about 0809uchoose, below are posted the Frequently Asked Questions, from the Etisalat 0809uchoose FAQ weblink.

Note: the following are not my property, they are the Etisalat FAQ.

– – – – – – – –

1.   What is 0809uchoose?
The etisalat 0809uchoose campaign allows you to pick and reserve your own unique etisalat number. It is available to all mobile subscribers.

You simply call 0809uchoose i.e 0809 8 246673 (standard rates for off-net calls apply) or visit our website on Then select your unique etisalat mobile number of your choice starting with the etisalat prefix from the range 0809 8000 000 to 0809 8999 999. The choice is subject to availability.

After you have done this, look out for a text message notifying you when and where your SIM card can be picked up or visit one of our etisalat pick-up points. These will be announced to you via a text message shortly before our commercial launch.

This SMS will not be received immediately after reservation but shortly before redemption starts.

2.   Where is 0809uchoose available?
0809uchoose will be launched in the following cities: Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Kaduna, Ogbomosho, Ibadan and Port Harcourt.

3.   Is this campaign available for subscribers on all GSM and CDMA Operators?
Yes, this campaign is available for subscribers on GSM and CDMA networks.

4.   When does 0809uchoose start?
The etisalat 0809uchoose campaign (reservation of your unique number) starts on 8th of September 2008.

You can pick up your SIM card 45 days after our network is launched.

5.   What type of service and tariff will be provided on the etisalat reserved number?
When redeeming your number you will be provided with an etisalat SIM card that shows your reserved number. The tariff that comes with the SIM card is etisalat’s prepaid launch tariff which comes at no monthly fee and competitive rates for voice and the latest data services.

6.   What are the benefits of reserving an etisalat number?
0809uchoose enables you to get free etisalat number that is uniquely yours. In addition you get 300 seconds free airtime every month for life.

7.   How do I choose a 0809uchoose number?
You can do this in three ways.
1) Dial 0809uchoose i.e. 0809 8246673, listen to the voice prompts and follow the instructions to reserve your preferred etisalat number.
2) Log on to the web addresses or log on to, click on the 0809uchoose link and follow the instructions.
3) Watch out for the 0809uchoose road show in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Kano, Kaduna and Abjua where you can make your reservation in tent No. 9 with one of our sales agents.

8.   How do I reserve a number by dialing 0809uchoose?

–  Call 0809uchoose (0809 8 246673) – normal off-net rates apply.
–  Listen to a message that tells you more about reserving your special number.
–  You will be guided easily through the reservation process.

Your etisalat number will always start with 0809 8 followed by 6 other digits of your choice.

–  You may then select the 6 digits from the range of 0809 8 000 000 to 0809 8 999 999.

–  Your special number could be your
    Birthday: 0809 8 20 07 68
    Name: 0809 8 SAN DRA
    Favorite sport: 0809 8 SOC CER
    Birthday place: 0809 8 KAD UNA
    Spouse´s name: 0809 8 CHI NEW
    Nickname: 0809 8 BAN KIE
    Football club: 0809 8 MAN UTD
    Horoscope: 0809 8 TAU RUS
    Kid´s name: 0809 8 MAR TIN
    Music genre: 0809 8 HIP HOP

–  You will be told if the number you have requested is unavailable and will be given two more chances to choose another number.
–  Look out for a text message with the password you will use to redeem your SIM. You will be notified when and where to collect our SIM.
–  You will receive an SMS stating when and where to pick up your free etisalat SIM.

9.   How do I reserve a number by visiting the etisalat website?

–  Log on to
–  Then enter your GSM telephone number.
–  Your Etisalat number will always start with 0809 8 followed by any 6 other digits of your choice.
–  Select the 6 digits from the range of 0809 8 000 000 to 0809 8 888 888.
–  After you select your number, you will receive a message which you will use to confirm your choice.
–  You will then receive your final password which will be used for identification when the time comes for you to collect your etisalat SIM.
–  You will receive a text stating when and where to pick up your free etisalat SIM.

10.   If I have reserved a number via the website, can I or another person reserve the same number if the person calls 0809uchoose?
No, once a number has been reserved by any of the three methods, it cannot be reserved by another person.

11.   What number does 0809uchoose represent?
Simply dial 0809 8 246673. This corresponds to 0809uchoose.

12.   What if I try to reserve a number via voice call, but the number I want is not available?
You will have three attempts to reserve the number via voice call (calling 0809uchoose) on the 4th attempt your call will be redirected to one of our customer care agents. He/she will reserve the number for you and will send you the pass code and other details.

13.   What if I forget my pass code?
You may dial 0809uchoose or log on to and select the option ‘Resend pass code’. The system will send you a text message containing your new pass code.

14.   What if I lost my mobile on which my reservation details are stored?
It is highly recommended to save all the details in a secure place apart from your mobile phone. Please use the pass code and your current number to identify yourself to our sales agents. They will help you redeem the SIM card. However, if you have completely lost all details, the number will not be issued to you.

15.   Can I reserve my special number from the etisalat web site if I am not in Nigeria?
Yes you can reserve the number via our web site while you are abroad. You will get a text message on your mobile (if roaming is available in the country where you accessed the web site). However, you need to come to one of our outlets in Nigeria with pass code & current mobile number to collect the SIM card.

16.   Can I reserve the etisalat number via voice call if I am not in Nigeria?
No, you cannot reserve the etisalat number by dialing 0809uchoose while you are abroad.

17.   Do I pay for reserving an etisalat number?
No, reserving a number is free of charge (normal call rates apply when you call 0809uchoose). Even your etisalat SIM card will be at no costs. However, you will pay a fee on your number you select a Gold, Silver or Bronze number.

18.   How do I know if I have selected a Golden. Silver or Bronze number?
You will be informed at the time of reservation. The type of number and price will be provided before final confirmation.

19.   What are the prices for the Gold, Silver and Bronze numbers?

The prices are as follow:
Gold:        N10,000
Silver:       N5,000
Bronze:     N1,500
Standard:  No cost

20.   What is the cost for a SIM card?
The SIM card is absolutely free of charge! If you have reserved a standard number, you get your etisalat number at no cost.

21.   How much free airtime do I get if I reserve a number?
If you send a charged text message or do a charged call, you get 300 seconds free airtime every month. This free airtime can be used for any national on-net and off-net call.

22.   You get the free airtime every month for life as long as you have at least one         chargeable event (e.g. initiate a voice call or send a text message) within the last month.
You get the free airtime every month for life as long as you have at least one chargeable event (e.g. initiate a voice call or send a text message) within the last month.

23.   Can someone else go and pay for me and collect the number I have reserved?
Yes, you must only provide her or him with your current mobile number and your passcode.

24.   Can I reserve more than one etisalat number?
In order to be able to authenticate you and your reservation, we are limiting the number of reservations to one per existing mobile subscription. This means you can only reserve one etisalat number with one existing mobile line.

25.   How do I pick up my etisalat SIM card after I have reserved my etisalat number?
Simply walk into any 0809uchoose pick-up points in your city to pick up your SIM card. Please note you must have the following informaion: 1. the current mobile number you used to reserve the number. 2. your pass code 3. the amount for the type of number you reserved in cash.

You get a full list of all pick up points and etisalat shops here.

26.   If I don’t live in any of the cities listed, can I still reserve an etisalat number and go and collect my SIM card from one of these cities?
You can redeem your number at one of our etisalat pick-up points. These will be announced to you via a text message shortly before our commercial launch. The network coverage for launch is limited to the cities advertised but will expand over time.

27.   What happens if I do not pick up my SIM card within the specified period?
A reminder will be sent to you prior to the closing of SIM card redemption. However, if you do not claim your reserved number and SIM card with the specified period, the reservation will be cancelled and the number will be made available to other customers.

– – – – – – – –

Wishing Etisalat all the best of luck as 0809wedonchoose…..


34 responses

  1. I really love this provider. And am anxious to start using my new sim. I really want to know when they will launch the sim card

  2. I will like to know where i can get my sim in within Lagos


    I dont like the number that I choose can I cancel it and re choose

  4. @Falodun Bolanle,
    This is what Etisalat has to say:
    24. Can I reserve more than one etisalat number?
    In order to be able to authenticate you and your reservation, we are limiting the number of reservations to one per existing mobile subscription. This means you can only reserve one etisalat number with one existing mobile line.

    so the catch is if you have more than one phone number, yes, you can reserve another number on your second line.

    hope this helps.
    NTT admins

  5. how do i get passcode?

  6. @babalola
    you will get it on your cellphone

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  12. tarigha kumosuonyo

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  17. what is the address of the pick up point kano? please advertise on tv or radio or newspapers

  18. i got a new etisalat number and puk number,which was sent to my phone have a screen problem.and even when i tranfer my old sim card and put it in another phone,i won’t see the message.pls i want to get my puk number.

  19. @all,

    hey guys, pls check this link for information on redemption centers where you can collect your new sim card:


  20. Pls when are you launching your service because I can’t wait any longer to start talking 9ja. Pls let me know the exact datye of the launching so that I can come for the merriment.

  21. You guys have really done a great,marvellous and splendid job. WOW! This is incredulous, big up to you and the entire crew of etisalat. This is the first time a telecommunication will be doing a great a thing for the people. Thanks a trillion times. CHAO

  22. Pls I will like to know if there will be FREE NITE CALLS, if YES, pls what time would it start and end?

  23. I now want to join this great and top company (etisalat) but up to this time i didnot find how to select my special number. But am still trying to join you.

  24. Once Again i wish to inform all the public aspecially fellow students and all others to join this great and big communication company i.e. ETISALAT. COUSE its now a very big and more expanded network than all the others. Bt am still using my other networks numbers which are;-
    08034551749 and 064937608 while the most lattest and active one its the above named company ETISALAT..

  25. Go to Oceanic Bank or Big Treat and get the sim card. & for the nite call it start 0.30-4.30am or go to etisalat website for more information

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