Good things are happening at Oceanic Bank

I walked into a branch of Oceanic Branch near my office this morning to make enquiries about their Executive Savings Account, an offer which a friend told me about sometime last month. I had been informed that the product could serve both as a current and savings account and I wanted to know how.

Even their definition says it all:

This account is basically a target account for high net worth individuals which enables them save towards a dream project.

Talking about ‘high net worth’, my Oceanic Branch visit turned out quite surprising, as I got a very good reception etc. In a brief, I gathered:


– the ESA product would allow the deposit of cheques issued from other banks(non-Oceanic),
– ESA account cheques cannot be deposited into current accounts of other banks(non-Oceanic) or cashed over the counter.

The most interesting part: I got a text message some few minutes ago informing me of my new account number, even with an accounts officer assigned: 

Dear Customer, you account [13–digit number], [my name] has been opened. Your account officer i: [account officers name]. For inquiries, call 01–2705000.

Thank you.
Oceanic Bank

I’m all smiles in my new EXECUTIVE position. What else could be better than having an accounts officer in charge of a savings account, and getting this info as a text-message.


Dear Oceanic Bank,
Please keep up the good work.


2 responses

  1. Emmanuel babatunde

    I opened online bankin at oceanic and i could’nt hav access to login.pls send me my login details through my mail.acc no.0260001026046 thanks.

  2. […] ordeal-4) I’m sorry to state that the ARE in my post titled: good things are happening at Oceanic Bank should be changed to WERE. Oceanic Bank is a no go area if you are looking for Customer service, […]

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