Test post – Investingating Zoundry Raven

I just downloaded Raven and installed it. I was looking for something a little bit handy. The first thing this tool did is to download all my posts, links, images etc. As much as I didn’t need something to download all my posts, the idea occured to me that Raven would be ideal if one is moving between weblogs: example from WordPress to Blogspot etc. Another good thing would be if I wanted to re-use an image I had already uploaded into a previous post.

Anyway, perhaps I would uninstall this full version and checkout the portable one. I just need something to give me better fonts.

Their download link is here

One response

  1. I do not think Zoundry Raven is for me. I just uninstalled the full version and re-installed the Portable version. The thing still downloaded all my posts.

    The good thing however is that the portable version can be installed into your computer’s hard disk and then you could copy the whole file unto a USB flash drive/Portable hard disk and then run it off another computer. The better part….Im thinking: it(whole directory) ‘C:\Program Files\Zoundry Raven’ could be burned into a CDROM and carried around…cool hey. What could be better for a mobile blogger.

    But I dont need the tool to download all my posts.

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