CCIE Scholarship 2008 – 63days to go


Through the years Brian Dennis, CCIE #2210 (R&S, ISP Dial, Security, Service Provider, Voice) and Brian McGahan, CCIE #8593 (R&S, Service Provider, Security) have been devoted to revolutionizing the way CCIE Lab training is approached. Since 2004 their vision of success for CCIE’s has changed the market and help shape where it stands today. From inventing new ways to tackle technologies, to their famous CCIE Lab Workbooks, and now the highly sought after 12-Day Bootcamp, the Brians and Internetwork Expert continue to help networking professionals around the world achieve their own CCIE certification.

As part of Brian Dennis’ and Brian McGahan’s ongoing commitment to the CCIE community, Internetwork Expert is pleased to announce the Real CCIE’s, Real People 2008 Scholarship.


This is some great news for all Cisco Enthusiasts.

Cisco is offering a CCIE scholarship program which includes the Intenetnetwork Expert end to end program, complete CCIE package and onsite bootcamp etc,.

Visit the CCIE-Scholarship website to fill up an application form. This will last till December 31,2008.


Nigeria presently comes third in Africa with 16-CCIEs, as of today….(I might be #17)


The above information is from Cisco’s CCIE resources.



does we(Nigeria) need more? Can our environment accommodate more? will they be paid their worth, or such might end up as contract hustlers here and there?

I am not a certification freak, although I believe it is necessary even if only to increase ones’ monthly take home pay – considering our present National economic situation. My general observation with Nigeria is that employers are more concerned with paper work /certificate holders, even if such people/applicants cannot defend what they have on paper. This is very bad and does not encourage aptitude and productivity. I would rather go for someone who knows his one, two and three in basic engineering, because if such is given the proper encouragement, such can become a valuable asset.

Does a political science graduate who passes his CCNA become an engineer? I have had the opportunity to work with CCNPs who don’t know their salt, and who have to resort to using a subnet calculator for even the simplest calculations. I was highly disappointed.

I remember:

T’was last year when a friend narrated to me how a CCNA guru was arrested by Lagos-state policemen at a Pearson VUE test center. My friend went there to take his own CCNA exam when the drama played out. Information had been gathered that this CCNA guru was a professional CCNA passer. He was taking / passing CCNA exams by impersonating the actual candidates for a fee of NGN40,000.00, excluding the exam fee itself. From ID-card forging to signature forging, the guy was everywhere. He would even sport an additional mustache The guy even charged his clients for air-flight expenses to and fro just to make sure he wasn’t too familiar with anyone at any test center. My friend came early, but was quickly informed that a Police operation was in progress and he should cooperate. This information was passed across other exam candidates as they arrived. All awaited the suspect, and whatever magic the policemen wanted to pull. Soon, the guru arrived, showed his registration documents and was given a seat. Plain clothes policemen were also seated as candidates behind other computers. After confirming that the picture they had on hand was that of the guru, he was arrested and questioned on the spot. My friend who narrated the story said the CCNA guru, after being pre-dealt with by Police at the VUE center confessed to having passed over 90-CCNA exams, besides admitting that he had other partners who were in the same business as he was. A staff / supervisor of this particular test center was at hand for identification. Previously, she had by chance visited their branches outside Lagos and on three occasions noticed the same face taking and passing the same exam at different venues. It was then she put two and two together and they and the police started finding information on ‘guru’s whereabouts.

What a life.


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  1. منحة لتعليم
    احصل على الامتحان الدولي
    رقم 640-802 مجاناً و 7 شهادات دولية
    و IT Essentials
    مع التدريب العملي على أجهزة سيسكو الأصلية
    مدربين معتمدين من سيسكو
    فقط 1500 جنيه
    العنوان : 383 ش الملك فيصل بجوار كلية التربيه الرياضية – الجيزة

    With Our Course in CCNA
    only 1500 LE.

  2. Moving on from the simple reduced cost opportunities for our readers the CCIE Flyer is now co-hosting training venues. We have really decided to bring the prices down to ensure those regions of the world where boot camps are most needed, can afford them. We had not released the information about our work with Micronics and a sponsoring Cisco reseller in Nigeria before because Eman was traveling again. While he was in Cape Town we heard that a flurry of messages was flying back and forth on Group Study about the CCIE Flyer plans. So the cat’s out of the bag it seems but the details were not correct or complete.

    Here are the details.

    May 17 – 21 the CCIE Flyer is cosponsoring not one but three boot camps in Lagos, Nigeria. Victoria Island Lagos will play host to one of the most unique international CCIE training opportunities ever.

    •Narbik Kocharians will be teaching his special and very successful Routing and Switching Boot Camp
    •Paul Negron will be featured teaching his very well regarded Service Provider Boot Camp
    •Piotr Matusiak will be teaching his very highly touted Security Boot Camp
    •Eman Conde CCIE Agent™ known to many CCIEs around the world will play ring master to an historic and memorable week of training and networking

    These three offerings will be running concurrently on May 17 – 21, 2010 and the CCIE Flyer will have severely reduced pricing for these boot camps for our readers. Because the classes will be held during the same week anyone attending will have the chance of a lifetime. You will be able to network with Eman, Narbik, Paul and Piotr all at the same time. What a great chance to take your career to the next plateau! Mentors and teachers like these are not found together in the same place very often and the CCIE Flyer is working on additional co-sponsored venues. So Nigeria should be in your plans and you should send an email to right now.

    The earlier you sign up the better the discounts!

  3. CISSP Certification Information…

    […]CCIE Scholarship 2008 – 63days to go « n a i j a t e c h t a l k[…]…

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