ifunaya.com the new kind of spam

This is the email ‘SHE’ (Jennifer doe) sent to me:

Hello  Dear,
Am jennifer,a tall good looking young girl,so lovely and caring with good understanding.fair in complexion,care with good sharing,honesty.I saw your profile at(http://www.ifunaya.com) which interested me much and i decided to contact you.I really want to have a good friendship with you even if you have married we can be pen friends ok ,i have a reason of selecting you as my friend,pls if you wish to know more.Pls contact me through this my id  We need to talk and know ourself more and equally share pictures to each other.hope to hear from you.

Bye with a warmly huggs.




Dear Jennifer,

Your email is very well appreciated. And thanks for introducing me to www.ifunaya.com. Its a very colorful website. As I write this, the lyrics of the song Ifunaya by P-Square are running across my mind.

I can see that you are very much interested in my profile at www.ifunaya.com, even though I do not have a profile on your website.

You also want to be ‘pen friends’ with me even if I am married. P.S I am still single. Your ambitions are quite high, but please take things slowly, taking note of where those that have gone before have fallen.

Anyway, thanks for your information’s. I am presently not interested, neither will I be ‘interested in knowing more’ – whatever that means – in the future.

Thanks for your offers.

Have a great day!


Whatever the owners/webmasters at www.ifunaya.com want to achieve by sending these kind of emails around the web, I won’t know. Considering that our(Nigeria’s) international reputation is already in the red as far as spam emails are concerned, I wonder why ifunaya.com decided to outrightly start on the wrong foot.

It appears though, that www.ifunaya.com and www.ngex.com have something in common, as links to Ngex.com flow back and forth. Ngex.com presently looks like a forgotten project, but/and if ifunaya.com is their(ngex) new pet-project, or perhaps its a partnership, coupled with spam-idea, then I suppose these guys might need some whipping.

At the end of the day, our man at ifunaya.com will call himself an enterpreneur.


4 responses

  1. Don’t you think you are being very presumptuous and biased. Because you get an email from someone claiming that they saw your profile somewhere you automatically assume that the site owners are complicit in the scam?

    If that is the case then the IRS, Interswitch, CBN, Yahoo, Match.com, Bill Gates (money scam), etc would all be out of business since there are emails going around claiming to have come from those individuals/entities. What if someone send an email and references “naijatechtalk” are you then guilty?

    Why don’t you post the Bill Gates email here and accusse him of spam or is is because of a complex against anything Nigeria?

    Did you even take a minute to look at the full header of the email to see where it came from or you just presumed that since it is claiming to have something to do with a Nigerian site, then the site must be guilty? Lets stop bashing everything Nigeria. At least give them a fair chance.

    All dating sites have this same problem and rather than state that you start making accusations that are unfounded. Is this a bias or complex against Nigerian sites. Guilty before innocent?

    Very disappointing, I expected much better reporting from you

  2. @Waka-About

    thanks for dropping by, and thanks for your comments.

    Yes, pls, I looked at the full-header of the email and verified it before making my above post. I didn’t bother posting it, but if you care to see, I could look for it in my inbox, thats if I haven’t deleted it.

  3. Then why didn’t you publish the FULL email and headers in your post to show the route details that can show that the email came from that site and it is not just someone claiming that he/she saw your profile there? That would have been the responsible thing to do.

  4. thanks for the advice, next time, ill do better.

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