Death Penalty for Hackers in Pakistan, etcetera, etcetera

I just stumbled on, and I got reading:

Pakistan has become increasingly active in fighting Internet based criminals. Recently, it enacted the “Prevention of Electronic Crimes” law. In addition to explicitly describing various Internet based crimes, and declaring them criminal acts, it also defined cyber terrorism, and the penalties for Internet terrorists. If someone causes the death of another because of cyber terrorism, the maximum punishment is execution.

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Question: how prepared is Nigeria for cyber terrorism?

The only information I can find is the Nigerian Cybercrime Working Group, where no Priority Project has been carried out so far. There are also ‘no items to display’ for reports and publications; no published articles etc., no News, and no events.

If I am not a Nigerian, I would like to ask: what exactly are the NCWG doing? But since I am a Nigerian, theres no need to ask. Much ado about our CyberCrime Working Group.



Talking about Cyber Crime, see excerpt below and read the full article:

Digital Investigators: Individuals responsible for the overall investigation should receive a general training but do not need very specialized training or certification. Investigators are also responsible for reconstructing the actions relating to a crime using information from first responders and forensic examiners to create a more complete picture for investigators and attorneys.

full article: Nigeria: A NEED for Harmonization of Cybercrime Law and Methods

I am of the opinion that before harmonizing of any law and method, there must be training, proper training.

I will leave a post on this issue for another day, but let me first ask some basic Questions: are there any technically inclined / computer savy Nigerian Police officers? The typical Nigerian Police officer does not have an email address, cannot browse the internet beyond He or she is not computer inclined, does not even know how to use a computer, talk less of having / assembling one. Microsoft office is more like ‘the future’ to the typical Nigerian officer. How then can we talk about digital investigation?

I rest my case until further notice.

Meanwhile, check out the Youtube video posted below:

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  1. Or maybe the Nigerian Cybercrime Working Group are also participating in cybercrime, thats why they have no information about their activities in curbing the nuisance.

    If Pakistan pronounces death pendalty for its hackers, maybe Nigeria should pronounce death penalty for 419ners.

    just a thought.

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