between Egusiland and being Black, African and Nigerian

I’m trying to put together the relationship between Egusi and being Black, African and Nigerian.

Anyway, I just stumbled across Egusiland Forum.

P.S, and I thought the correct spelling is Egunsi, or else, if Egusi means something else, apart from a delicious taste disturbing my nostrils at the moment.

Looks like one of those deserted forums since the days when everyone wanted to start their own forum and compete against Nairaland.

Dear Egusiland Forum admin, pls wakeup.



2 responses

  1. hi, I can see that you are a critic who doesn’t seem to know his onions… well its very sad that you have a Great mind but a small one on comparison, and well who says you can’t compete.. JEEEZ where do you come from

  2. dear Uzoma,

    thanks for dropping by. I wonder what I said wrong. Besides, I just wanted you to wake up – the sleeping giant..

    p.s: Ive joined since Nov 2008 and nothing has been going on on your forum.

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