Aids no dey show for face – World Aids Day









Today is December 1,2008, and its the day when people around the world, when we all try to come together and remind ourselves of the Aids Epidemic and how it all affects all of us. A popular poster in Lagos reads: AIDS NO DEY SHOW FOR FACE….meaning: AIDS DOES NOT SHOW ON FACES. Yes, its true.

The Worlds Aid Campaign is at the forefront of the Aids Campaign:

The World AIDS Campaign is led by a Global Steering Committee comprised of representatives of global networks with country level affiliates or linkages that have HIV campaigning and advocacy as a core part of their activity. The primary role of the Global Steering Committee is to provide strategic direction and active support to the World AIDS Campaign.


In Nigeria, civil society organisations are planning activities and resources that not only mobilise, but encourage community dialogue around HIV and AIDS. These planned activities include television and radio appearances, distribution of flyers and the Nigeria 2008 “Empower” national posters as well as meetings and a civil society roundtable discussions.

Remember: 5-minutes of pleasure: AID KILLS.


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