text cash to 35071 – the new kind of 419 on Rhythm93.7 FM Lagos

I believe it must be Rhythm 93.7 FM, where the an indian-intonated lady advertises an opportunistic free-money making venture, and asks listeners to text cash to 35071 to win millions of Naira. She goes ahead to give examples of winners. The winners as of last night were ‘Popoola’ and ‘Ahmed’.

Out of sheer curiosity, could I say I have been duped or what exactly, and hope I am not the only one.

Ok, so I texted ‘cash‘ to 35071 last week Wednesday 10th, (around 8p.m), and NGN100(one-hundred Naira) was deducted from my credit. I checked my balance and verified the deduction. I waited for like 30mins expecting to receive a text message instructing me on the next line of action. Nothing happened.

The next morning, I got a text message on my phone from 35071(sender), saying “This service is not available at the moment, please try later’.

Question: if the service is presently unavailable, where did my phone-credit disappear to? how was it shared between GLO and the people behind 35071.

On Saturday, I tried again and didn’t get any reply. On Sunday morning, another text message in my phone saying that the service is not available, and yet there was a deduction on my credit. As of this writing, the radio advert/jingle is still going on.

Lets do a little example mathematics:

  • If 100 people texted ‘cash’ to 35071, and got the same reply as I did, and NGN100 was deducted from each texter’s credit, making a total = NGN10,000(ten-thousand Naira), to be shared between the radio station and the 419ners at 35071. This is some cool cash, stolen in broad daylight and for which no one is held responsible for.


  • Now, if 1000 people had sent these same ‘text’ message and got the same service not available reply, we will have a total of NGN100,000(one-hundred thousand Naira-only).

I do not know the people/organization behind the 35071 jingle, but if this is the new kind of 419-business deals that Radio stations in Nigeria are entering into, with Rhythm 93.7 in this case, then we have a lot of questions to ask.

While some people steal theirs forcefully, others change figures, and this third group are doing theirs on radio.


p.s……share your own experience, if you have one.


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