a short tutorial: how to be legally corrupt in Nigeria

Its painful to see and read about the painful state of events in my fatherland. While corruption is on the increase, with an amazing speed, integrity is way below zero, and increasing in the negative.


Take this as the official corruption methodology:

home truth


EFCC and Plea bargaining

SIR: There is a new business in town. It is called Plea Bargaining. I will teach you how it works at no cost to you. Just get a political appointment (from local council chairmanship to the presidency). Steal as much money as is humanly possible (you can even involve spiritual means so as to steal more than is humanly possible). The next thing is Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) comes after you. Divide the money into about five parts and give one fifth of the money back to the government in the name of plea bargaining. Your income statement will look something like:

Sales (amount stolen): 5

Cost (amount used for plea bargain): 1

Profit : 4

Profit percentage: 400 per cent

Whao! This beats even drug trafficking. This is the unfortunate position that is emerging in this nation. Corrupt political office holders walk the streets free after having paid back a tiny portion of what they have amassed illegally. None makes it to jail. So, where is the deterrence? What dissuades current political office holders from going the same path? The current EFCC Chairman said she believes more in preventing corruption. I weep for Nigeria.

Azubike Ezeilo,


source: click here


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