re – Oyinlola alleges use of own phone number for fraud

The article below is culled from today’s Nigerian Guardian Newspapers. Governor Oyinlola is alerting Nigeria of fraudulent text messages sent from his MTN number, which he didn’t send.

I’ve always felt that there are a lot of dubious staff of GSM companies in Nigeria who aid and abet crime, defrauding Nigerians officially. They know the in/out of how things are supposed to work technically and would rather use their know-how for fraudulent purposes. Talk about Brain Drain, no wonder Nigeria isn’t progressing. Talk about engineers misusing their own technical skills.

Anyway, its very surprising that the Governors Phone number is actually stated and published with the article. The Nigerian Guardian Newspapers could at least have omitted such for the sake of privacy. Now the whole world knows what Governor Oyinlola’s phone number is, and all his political opponents can contact him directly. Besides pranksters can also get their groove on in a better dimension.

Could the number 08034040527 be one of those special numbers on the MTN network? how about trying the next sequential number 08034040528.

What I’m trying to say is: The Governor’s number should not have been published in the Newspapers. One day we will know what Yar ‘Adua’s GSM line is.

Oyinlola alleges use of own phone number for fraud
From Tunji Omofoye, Osogbo

GOVERNOR Olagunsoye Oyinlola of Osun State has alerted the public on the activities of suspected fraudsters attempting to use his mobile phone numbers to dupe innocent citizens.

Consequently, detectives are said to be on the trail of the suspected conmen using the governor’s phone number to extort money from the state Accountant General (AG) and some banks.

A statement from the Governor’s Special Adviser on Media and Chief Press Secretary (CPS), Lasisi Olagunju, advised members of the public, including corporate organisations not to transact any business with anybody using any of his telephone numbers or those of his aides without clearing it with the governor in person.

The suspected fraudsters according to Lasisi, had last week Tuesday sent text messages to the State Accountant General using the Governor’s MTN No-08034040527 asking him to pay a sum of N15 million into bank accounts in Afribank and the United Bank for Africa (UBA).

He said the first text message by the suspected fraudsters reads: “A.G, make a cash deposit of N15 million in favour of MORRIS DAVID NIG. ENT. Afribank, 2086303335616 and Anthony Ejieji, UBA 00220520135918.Split seven and eight million respectively and ensure utmost confidentiality and act very urgently- Governor”.

The text was said to have been followed hours later by two others from the same MTN number querying the Accountant General on his refusal to promptly effect the deposit.

“What is the delay for? Do the deposit and get back to me. I will talk to you later in the evening concerning this- Governor”, the second text message was quoted as saying.

Apparently disturbed by the recalcitrance of the Accountant General, the conmen were said to have sent another message which reads, “Why the delay? Do the deposit and text me. I will talk to you in the evening- Governor.”

Still unrelenting, the suspected fraudsters again on Sunday, December 28 sent another text message using the same governor’s phone number to an Executive Director of WEMA Bank Plc demanding that he should pay some money into Bank PHB Account No 124200001979 said to belong to one Edward Duru E.

Lasisi, who said the matter had been duly reported to the law enforcement agents for appropriate action, urged the public not to honour any message emanating from any of the governor’s phone numbers without seeking confirmation from him or his aides.

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5 responses

  1. Its quiet unfortunate that some people still don’t believe or take heed of the warning of fraud star. I pray God will deliver them. You no our problem here in Nigeria is the fast cash sickness that is in our blood any time they receive such a text message of you have just won 1billion naira call or send your Acct they so carried away and then fall a victim.
    just some few minutes ago some walk into my cybercafe with cheerful face that they have just won one
    Million naira telling them to go to How lucky they were that I decide to go thru Google, and we got the message MTN Fraud Alert- is a fraud. well I just want to say tanx to Mtn for alerting us.
    And I will also say this to does who want to be rich be at alert their fraudster every where don’t fall a victim.

  2. but to say the fact mtn are 419 too if not why playing on peoples mind and sending text of treasure hunt to them and telling them that they have won one million naira sending useless code number for winning what is not real. It is very unfair not good enough MTN & TREASURE HUNT are 419 and THIEF.


  4. This would have been dmb anuyhow. I text to any accountant general thaat knows his stuff should not constitue a transaction unless yu are telling me that state govenment is very stupid. Who in this worldwill honor a text and proceed to deposit when he does not have a written and signed document If the AG does that he needs to rot in jail then
    The Governor shoul not worry just change his number. It’s no big deal if people are desperate for something they wil get ot no matter what. Everything is in the airwave nowadays dont frak out because of your number getting in the hands of crooks. Unless the Gov himself has a hidden agenda that he wants to divert attention.

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