naijatechtalk, 2008 end of year review

Is there a Happy New Year greeting for bloggers?, and how do you greet a techy guy Happy New Year?, anyway, from me to you, Happy New Year Technically.

Its been one long year of blogging here on NaijaTechTalk. I have learnt a lot, I have ‘gained some experience’ – no knowledge is lost, and I believe 2009 will be better than 2008.

I would have wished someone do this review on my behalf, at least I could get someone else’s opinion, but hey, what the heck, here is a summary of what happened in 2008.

1) As of this writing:

total number of posts = 148, total number of comments = 525, 60 categories, 2-pages,

Theme = Andreas09 and 1,134 Spam comments, thanks to Akismet for protection .

2) # of posts in 2008 = 130. I arrived at this value by adding(manually) the number of posts per month, using information in ‘Archives’.

3) # of viewers/readers comments in 2008 = ? I do not see any WordPress feature in the dashboard that could give me such information. Perhaps our WordPress guys could help me and other WordPress bloggers out with such a feature in a future release.

4) Top three posts of the year:

5) Airing my own opinion, didn’t mean to piss anyone off with this post, but I guess I did. It was good though, no regrets. Maybe I could check them(9jabook) out again this year and do another review.

6) 2008 Interviews: unfortunately, only one: Nigeria’s helicopter guru, Mubarak Abdullah.

7) Tutorials: check out the Tutorials page. I did 18 in 2008.

8) 2009 New Year Resolutions:

  • I’m seriously thinking of moving to paid web-hosting, mainly because I would want to get my hands dirty playing around WordPress Themes, adverts etc, and blog about my experiences. I’m still looking around, and gathering information. Of-course we want to ‘buy Nigerian’, but constraints are reliability and support, especially from local Web hosting companies. If anyone has reliable information, please holla back.

To all those who dropped by in 2008, thank you very very much. I hope you found some information useful in the past year. If you didn’t/haven’t, let me know what you want to see / hear discussed as post, research or an opinion. I’ll try to do my best. And just in case you want to assist me with your own review, pls do by leaving a comment.

Let’s continue NaijaTechTalking in 2009.


yours technically,

Happy New Year,

NTT Admin


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  1. happy new year. talking about buying Nigerian have been good to me 4 years running. highly recommended!

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