eolutosins mbaxploit dot com is in mode hacked

Has your site been hacked before? Mine hasn’t but this has. Read on. I had been walking around the net….I had been reading about PIN Nigeria, and somewhere somewhere, I got linked to their old website. Checking out their Team members at the old site, I then linked to Oluwatosin Emmanuel‘s website and opened up Nairahost on another window. I proceeded to his Projects page, and then read about his MBAXPLOIT business school blah, blah, blah.

I just noticed that his MBAXPLOIT is in mode: hacked. Its like some Israeli folks have been using it for target practice. I wonder if Tosin knows this




At first, I thought that mbaxploit.com was an abandoned site, but domaintools.com shows eloutosin as the domain owner etc., anyway, the good thing about blogging is that I find out problems and report them to the owner.

Note domain tool’s thumb-nail capture below, as of 05-09-2008. It could be abandoned, but if it is, it should have been taken down by the webhost, for the sake of bad-publicity, and marketting PR.


A word is enough for the wise.





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  1. Hi,
    Thanks. I noticed that earlier and have done the needful

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