Borrowing a leaf – Obama taps CISCO CTO

240651-260-273 (1)Let me go a little political on this post.

I believe that a President that flocks around the right advisers (people who know the ‘know-how’) will be able to make intelligent decisions(even on things he/she(President) doesn’t know about), and eventually avoid mistakes – while he(President) will have enough time to concentrate on Politics/tricks. I have been following the people that President Obama(the newest world President) has been appointing to various positions in the U.S government. I’m impressed, and if theres one thing I respect about them(his appointees), they all have brains, solid resumes, as far as professionalism is concerned.

I just caught up on the news (still a prospect as of this writing), that perhaps, former Motorola top notch and presently Cisco Inc’s CTO, Padmasree Warrior might be named the United States First Chief Technical Officer(CTO). Heres a snippet:

Cisco’s CTO Padmasree Warrior is one of the top two candidates for the first U.S. CTO, expected to be named any day now, according to published reports.

The 46-year-old candidate was formerly CTO at Motorola, where she worked for 23 years, and has worked for Cisco for the past 13 months.

Take Control of Network TCO by Automating IPAM: View nowShe skirted her prospects as federal CTO when asked about them by BusinessWeek via e-mail. Instead she addressed generalities. “Smart networking technologies and IT play a critical role in transforming government, energy, education and healthcare,” she said.

When she joined Cisco, Warrior laid out her philosophy about technology. “I enjoy envisioning and creating the future,” she wrote in her blog, “and leveraging technology leadership for business growth. Expertise, experience, energy — these exemplify my platform for achievement.”

click here for the full story

I’m wondering, as much as Africa always copies the U.S and Europe, can our leaders borrow such a leaf? Rather than our Mr President’s trying to be smart at what they are not, why not just ask those who know the real nitty gritty.


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