now available in Hausa and Yoruba

I launched my browser this morning and check what I found:

Alantakun ti a mo si web

The gist is that is now available in Yoruba and Hausa, as far as default page is concerned.






I searched for the word ‘phone’ and although the results are from Oju Iwe lati Naijaria, the search results are still in English.




I was discussing a similar issue with a friend the other day, about how easy or difficult it will be to interpret engineering terms in our Nigerian local dialects. The question on my mind was if such would aid in better understanding technical terms in English language, and improve once performance in school etc,.

Using Yoruba as an example, what are the Yoruba words for things like: electricity, keyboard, monitor, browsing, download, upload, software, programming, scripts, Windows, Linux etc.


Interpretation requirements:

The Yoruba equivalents must be short and precise words, not ‘yoruba’ sentences that try to explain one English word, thereby complicating issues.


Just in case you are interested in the above or have info, pls holla back.

Meanwhile, continue searching in Naijaria


8 responses

  1. Ko si ede bi ede abinibi.No language like mother tongue

  2. @Femi

    true talk. Thanks for dropping by

  3. Inasan hausa google domin binciken kalmo min hausa adabi

  4. ilake hausa google because iborn in ktn and it my mother languege

  5. google na england muna fatan za abuda google na hausa domin hausa wannan mu ku ma anyi opera hausa

  6. Google yanada ban sha.awa yanada saurin bude shafi

  7. can we ask yoruba questions here?

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