From Facebook to 9jabook, where is the originality, part2

P.S: The following was not premeditated:

Without any particular reason, rather than type the URL for this weblog straight into my address bar, I decided to do a google-search. If you clicked on the previous google-search link, scroll down and you’ll see the image below:


For one second, I remembered the sentence circled in red above, that it has to do with a previous post I did titled: from facebook to 9jabook, where is the originality, about the guys at The post, till date has generated 14-comments, the first couple of which was from one Mr. Frank Adeche Webbaba, who sounded like the owner of 9jabook, and who saw my post as a complete criticism of his website. He used the opportunity to diss me, not with a few harsh words. He so much wanted me to take off the post, and didn’t mind calling me many names in the process.

Then one Mr. Abi John came long to say:

Abi John said

January 3, 2009 at 6:01 pm

Can you kindly delete this post from your blog .Frank Adeche is not a representative of our site.Kindly remove all references to 9jabook .regards Abi Balogun

Abi John later added:

Abi John said

January 7, 2009 at 4:04 pm
hi Mr Admin

Thanks for your email i do run the site . As for proof you need goto 9jabook and look for this profile. it is under the title weboga drop a post there and i will reply it .Frank is a member of the site but not an official representative.i can understand his reactions to your criticisms but they are in no way solicited or requested from ourselves or vice versa.The internet is an anonymous place where people think they can say what they like and sometimes no one is wrong .Our rights as an entity request that you put these posts down .It is affecting our SEO rankings on google .


thanks for your comments . right now we are doing a focus on originality on our website and are featuring the artise Faze as our theme mascot check it out !.When we need a review we will officially ask you .You guys are doing a great Job ! i must say but i am not too impressed with your darkish criticisms. too much simon cowell .lol ! We are always trying our best to improve our game and please all of you out there . Thanks !

Anyway, the post still remains, and it will. Since then I had a hunch that Abi John and Frank Adeche were one and the same person/s.

Back to my google-search results of ‘naijatechtalk’. I decided to check out the link (red circled screen capture above) and lo, it is a wordpress weblog:, with title 9jabook’s weblog.

I read through the latest post titled: 9jabook rvp project, nice and interesting idea indeed, but was surprised to find Frank Adeche’s email address at the end of the post. Screen-cap below (just in case the blog is taken down).


where am I going with all these?

nowhere, but just to say that:

  • an unofficial member of 9jabook, Frank Adeche, like the rest of us members, is blogging about the projects of the whole team, with reference to himself. The project is his brainchild, no problem with that, so lets give it up for him: clap, clap, clap.
  • All the posts on the weblog were made by 9jabook(username), and on the same date January26th, 2009 (so lets welcome 9jabook’s new weblog).
  • And while there is another post referring users to a 9jabook gmail address, the language-tense in all the posts uses the first person singular (I), ok, lets assume its only one person blogging, not two. Who then is Abi John and who is Frank Adeche. I think my hunch struck a cord? or?this is regardless of different profiles in 9jabook for the above-mentioned names?……na naija we dey, abi? anything can happen.

Leaving their wordpress weblog alone, I went somewhere else:

I also discovered that one of the websites in the group is amebo, YABBIS and tafia site). Great idea, congratulations, at last a place for fresh Nigerian Amebos and YABBIS.

So I went reading, post by post, wondering why all the text were appeared with ‘one-kin’ formatting, nothing to show that something was edited anywhere etc., I scrolled on to the next set of posts and found my original post, a line of which drew me off my google-search into all that I’ve been talking about in this post, this early morning.

My post which drew sparks from Frank Adeche was just copy pasted and renamed: 9jabook the hottest soxl network in 9ja right now. Nice initiative hey!!! What could be worse. Anyway, since 9janews is about amebo, YABBIS and tafia, their actions are condoned.


I just completed an early morning merry go around really, who was talking about originality?



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