Bank PHB PLC customer care Sender Address Verification (SAV) – SPAM

Bank PHB PLC requests that you verify your email address: please REPLY to this email. — 15:40 February 03 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009 10:40 PM

From: “Customer Centre” <>

Message from “Customer Centre”
I recognize from your email address that this is the first message I have received from you since Bank PHB PLC began using Sender Address Verification (SAV).

Your message is very important to me.  Like you, we are very concerned with stopping the proliferation of spam.  We have implemented Sender Address Verification (SAV) to ensure that we do not receive unwanted email and to give you the assurance that your messages to me have no chance of being filtered into a bulk mail folder.

By pressing REPLY and SEND to this message your original message will be delivered to the top of my Inbox.  You need only do this once and all future emails will be recognized and delivered directly to me.
When replying to this email, please make sure that the following email address appears in the To: field of the reply:

If you are unable to respond to this authentication request within 2 weeks, or if your reply is not sent to the correct email address (as indicated above), your message may not be delivered.

Thank you!
Customer Centre

I have nothing to do with BankPHB, or perhaps this is part of their marketing?

With the message above looking very fishy, I do not know if the email address: is a valid one. If it is, whoever’s computer on which the email address is configured might be compromised.

Their contact us page shows this addr:

Between CustomerCentre and Customerrelations, where does BankPHB’s customers stand. I’m mailing them this post, hope someone will give me a reply.



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  1. i have not reiceve my atm card and i want it badly pls send it or when should i come for it

  2. […] Bank PHB PLC customer care Sender Address Verification (SAV) – SPAM […]

  3. I think these banks are just implementing this service on their mail servers. I recently forwarded a mail to a friend’s pal in one of the banks and I was sent same mail.

    After I sent to that box my mail was later discovered.

    My concern now is, must you have all customers do this? What about prospective clients? I think the service could be disabled for customer service email.

  4. @Possicon,
    Ow, so you sent a mail to a friend at Bank PHB and they sent you the same mail? wow, meaning they filter through all incoming emails(into their network) and regardless of whether the sender is their customer or not, they send the same funny email. Nice one.

    Me-thinks its a messed up idea of trying to advertize their products. Thats if their mail servers are not already compromised.

    Thanks for the insight.

  5. Pls my comment is that I opened my account in Bank PHB Ekpoma branch since 2005 and my ATM get espired and bank phb ekpoma branch deducted N1000 from and account and promise to give me a new ATM card and ask me to drop my old ATM with them and I did all they ask me to do. and they promise to post my New ATM to lagos at Mile 12, branch but uptill now they have not done that I have to to mile 12 branch many times and they told me to go back to empoma branch to collect the new ATM since that is where I opened the account. and even when I go to Ekpoma branch they still tell me to come to lagos to collect the ATM. I am tired of all this confusions which BANK PHB is given me pls help me send a mail to them and ask them where to get my ATM Card.

    Pls mail me as soon as you get this information.

    God bles you as you help me

  6. sorry for your plight Joy, but I feel you completely. A similar incident as you are explaining also happened to me with UBA. I had opened my account at their Abuja office, and later moving to Lagos, I was told to go resolve issues in Abuja. All I wanted was to get an ATM card which their Lagos office didn’t give me, even after writing so many letters. What I did was to forget that account and open another one.

    Its unfortunate that Nigerian banks, regardless of how many branches they have here and there display no form of regard to customers especially when inter-branch issues arise.

    I can just encourage you to either go open another account with another bank or perhaps keep your Bank PHB-Expoma issue till whenever you have the opportunity to go to Ekpoma.

  7. I found very informative. The article is professionally written and I feel like the author knows the subject very well. keep it that way.

  8. i lost my ATM card

  9. I chukwu kingsley lost my atm pin code pls need it or new pin code thank u





  12. auwal yusuf sule

    weldon please how can i update my account from net

  13. shaba usman mohammed

    I attempted cashing N10,000 on 28/02/2011 2:45pm from BankPHB ATM Zaria cash was not dispensed yet my account was debited please kindly reverse the process. 2nd,I was over debited for extra one month,that was December 2010 Please, can you verify and kindly reverse the process as well. Looking forward for response. Thank your customer. shaba usman mohammed Account No;1220049864 Tel; 08033500583

  14. oke peter adegoke

    GOOd DAY pls my brother credit my account from London for the pass 2days now have not receive the money.. it for an urgent need pls am waiting for ur reply now

  15. I have not seen my divident since 2008 my addressOAUTHC pmb 5538 ILE IFE Osun state

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