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Student Adebusayo Okeowo goes to jail for fraud

Fraudster who struck at Hoddesdon branch of bank is jailed for six months

By Court Reporter

A STUDENT who tried to open an account at a Hoddesdon bank using a false name was handed a six-month prison sentence today (Monday March 30).

Nigerian-born Adebusayo Okeowo, of King Edward Road, Hackney, hung his head as he was sentenced and fought back tears when he was handcuffed and led from the dock.

Prosecutor Ann Evans had earlier told St Albans Crown Court that Okeowo had visited a Hoddesdon bank branch in May last year as he struggled to pay off mounting debts.

Information Technology student Okeowo, 25, also attempted to open another account in north London in order to gain access to its £1,000 pound overdraft facility.

Okeowo, the son of a nurse who moved to England in 2000, was caught when a vigilant cashier grew suspicious and he later admitted two counts of fraud.

Recorder Michael Lerego told Okeowo that the offences were “so serious that only a custodial sentence is appropriate”.

He added: “As a young man undergoing further education you should have known better.

“I accept that the offences were induced by financial difficulties but this was dishonest behaviour with a view to financial gain.”

Richard Bentwood, defending, had told the court that Okeowo had fallen heavily into debt after paying for his education.

He said that Okeowo had no previous convictions, was of previous good character and had admitted his guilt at the earliest opportunity.

Mr Bentwood added: “He was offered a way of obtaining money but he did not realise the seriousness of his actions.”

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Our boy is an Information Technology student, but has thus misapplied what he has learnt so far in school. This is the problem with Nigerian Education: it is always misapplied.

A bigger problem is that fraud is trickling down the lines into students in Universities, secondary schools etc.

They moved to England in 2000, hes going to jail in 2009. The good thing is that relatives back home still can boast: our cousins are in Yankee.


Peace Okotie, 26year old Nigerian woman jailed for scam in Malaysia

Nigerian woman jailed over scam 
Wed, Mar 25, 2009, New Straits Times.      
KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA: A man’s wise move to inform the police before meeting a Nigerian woman saved him from falling prey to her scheming.

A week earlier, Buang Md Sayuti, 42, an administrative assistant, received an email saying that he had won US$1 million ($1.5million) in a lucky draw allegedly organised by Microsoft in conjunction with the company’s anniversary celebration in London.

Buang responded to the email and provided his personal information as required.

The following day, on Aug 20 last year, he received another email telling him that he would have to pay processing fees and someone would come to his house with his prize money.

Five days later, he received a call from a woman who claimed her name was Sophia Young. She said he must meet her and pay US$2,750 ($4146) as a fee to release the money from the ‘United Kingdom High Commission’ warehouse.

Buang said he needed three days to pay the fees. Later, the woman sent him an email telling him to bring a copy of his identity card and the email which told him that he won the prize and the fees.

On Aug 27, Buang called Sophia saying that he would meet her at Kuala Lumpur City Centre and pay the fees. He also called the police to inform them about the meeting.

At KLCC, Sophia asked Buang for the fees and documents she had told him to bring. A while later, police arrived and arrested her.

Yesterday, the woman, whose real name is Peace Okotie, 26, a college student, was sentenced to 15 months’ jail after she pleaded guilty of attempting to deceive Buang into believing that she could give him the prize money and inducing him to pay her US$2,750.

She committed the offence at KLCC at 2.45pm on Aug 27, last year.

Magistrate Siti Shakirah Mohtarudin also sentenced her to four months’ jail for overstaying.

Earlier in mitigation, counsel B. Renuka pleaded for leniency as the accused came from a poor family.

Deputy public prosecutor Azimul Azami Mohd Nor submitted that as a college student, Okotie should be aware of the consequences of her actions.

 source: Nigerian woman jailed

And who said what a man can do, a woman can’t do? Unfortunately students have joined the 419 village. Its unfortunate. Worse, her name is Peace.

Alleged Nigerian boiler room exposed

A Los Angeles federal judge Tuesday froze the assets of a Nigerian national and his two companies, which are allegedly fronts for a boiler-room investment scheme that bilked more than 30 people out of $1.3 million.

Targets of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission complaint are Clement Ejedawe, 51, who lives in Westchester, and his companies, Innova Energy and Innova Leasing and Management.

The SEC alleges that Ejedawe, who uses the alias Clement Chad, ran a boiler-room operation that cold-called potential investors, promising monthly payments of $4,000 to $5,000 for every $50,000 invested in Innova’s oil and gas ventures.

In fact, the SEC’s Rosalind R. Tyson alleges, the oil and gas ventures were nonexistent and the investors’ money was used to cover Ejedawe’s personal expenses, including his apartment rent, credit card and car payments, and charitable donations to his church.

Ejedawe could not be reached for comment.

The SEC is seeking a permanent injunction halting the operation and an order that the defendant and his companies pay fines and repay all investors.

source: thedailybreeze

and also check out The Skeptics guide to some common scams, which include:

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