Student Adebusayo Okeowo goes to jail for fraud

Fraudster who struck at Hoddesdon branch of bank is jailed for six months

By Court Reporter

A STUDENT who tried to open an account at a Hoddesdon bank using a false name was handed a six-month prison sentence today (Monday March 30).

Nigerian-born Adebusayo Okeowo, of King Edward Road, Hackney, hung his head as he was sentenced and fought back tears when he was handcuffed and led from the dock.

Prosecutor Ann Evans had earlier told St Albans Crown Court that Okeowo had visited a Hoddesdon bank branch in May last year as he struggled to pay off mounting debts.

Information Technology student Okeowo, 25, also attempted to open another account in north London in order to gain access to its £1,000 pound overdraft facility.

Okeowo, the son of a nurse who moved to England in 2000, was caught when a vigilant cashier grew suspicious and he later admitted two counts of fraud.

Recorder Michael Lerego told Okeowo that the offences were “so serious that only a custodial sentence is appropriate”.

He added: “As a young man undergoing further education you should have known better.

“I accept that the offences were induced by financial difficulties but this was dishonest behaviour with a view to financial gain.”

Richard Bentwood, defending, had told the court that Okeowo had fallen heavily into debt after paying for his education.

He said that Okeowo had no previous convictions, was of previous good character and had admitted his guilt at the earliest opportunity.

Mr Bentwood added: “He was offered a way of obtaining money but he did not realise the seriousness of his actions.”

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Our boy is an Information Technology student, but has thus misapplied what he has learnt so far in school. This is the problem with Nigerian Education: it is always misapplied.

A bigger problem is that fraud is trickling down the lines into students in Universities, secondary schools etc.

They moved to England in 2000, hes going to jail in 2009. The good thing is that relatives back home still can boast: our cousins are in Yankee.


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