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Ugandan varsity wants Nigerian TAC volunteers

Ugandan varsity wants Nigerian TAC volunteers
From Oghogho Obayuwana, Abuja

THE Technical Aids Corps (TAC) programme, Nigeria’s window for the export of expertise to countries mostly in the southern hemisphere has yet another request laid on its table: A Ugandan university wants some Nigerian engineers.

Visiting Vice Chancellor of the Ndejje University, Uganda, Bishop Michael Senyimba, who is leading a delegation of the university’s council to Nigeria, made the request in Abuja during a parley with officials of TAC.

Although the request may not be met by the current biennial posting arrangement of TAC, the chief executive officer of the programme, Ambassador Mamman Daura, said at the weekend that Nigeria had had to struggle to meet most requests of late.

But he noted that Nigeria was now very near to tapping from the experience that returnee volunteers are expected to bring back into the economy.

Oil and gas have just been discovered in the east African country. Ndejje University is a new and promising institution that currently has no engineering faculty.

“This is the reason why we are in Nigeria. We have now made an official request to your technical aids programme. We have seen what other countries are benefitting from this initiative which is very unique in Africa. With the working understanding which we now have, as we prepare to open our engineering faculty, we have made our approach. We want to train our own experts in this field with TAC trainers. In Nigeria, we are also visiting some other universities. We recognise that exchange is key in today’s technology-driven world,” Senyimba stressed.

On why the Ugandans are looking the way of Nigeria in this regard, he said: “Well, as a new university which is in need of engineering manpower and that is establishing faculty of engineering and Uganda is at the beginning of oil finds, Nigeria is the natural point of call. It is a country that has experience in the oil industry. And I am happy to disclose to you that our contact here (TAC) looks very promising and fruitful.”

Speaking shortly after the roundtable exchange of papers of intent where various technical and general questions were fielded by the Ugandan delegation from the TAC team, Daura noted that TAC was being put in the limelight for the right reason.

“I feel satisfied that the programme is positively accepted outside Nigeria. That goes to show how effective our programme is, how much it is helping these countries to develop their social and economic infrastructure and how much it will in the end help Nigeria in gaining expertise. Yes, more of such requests are expected. And the cause of the South-South cooperation is being helped in no small measure,” he added.

The Ndejje University is owned by six dioceses of the Anglican Church in Uganda. The country’s foreign ministry had written its Nigerian counterpart asking for TAC volunteers in the engineering field.

In the end, it is the receiving countries, which determine the number and the qualifications of the volunteers. The next TAC biennium begins from 2010 through 2012.

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BEWARE – Important Message from InterSwitch


For 1-minute, I thought the above was genuine. Not that I would have responded to the email, but I just thought InterSwitch was indeed sending an apology/notice to its customers, because of the numerous funny emails traveling around the net.


If the above isn’t clear, heres the message:

from InterSwitch Nigeria Ltd <>
date Thu, Apr 23, 2009 at 2:44 AM
subject IMPORTANT-Mesaage From InterSwitch

hide details Apr 23 (4 days ago) Reply

Warning: This message may not be from whom it claims to be. Beware of following any links in it or of providing the sender with any personal information.  Learn more

Dear Interswitch Card Holder,

During our regularly scheduled account maintenance and verification procedures with affiliated banks(below), we have detected a slight error in your account information.
This might be due to either of the following reasons:
1. A recent change in your personal information (i.e. change of address).
2. Multiple failed attempts on online shopping websites.
3. An inability to accurately verify your selected option of payment due to an internal error within our processors.
Please update and verify your information by clicking the link below:

If your account information is not updated within 48 hours then your ability to access your account will become restricted.
Note: Card Number (printed on card issued by bank) and Pin are numeric.

Refer to your Debit and/or Cash Cards.

Thank you for choosing, Interswitch.

The funny thing, and which got me suspicious is that I got this e-mail in my other email address which I don’t use for credit alert purposes in my bank.

This is the URL(


A domain-check shows that the indeed belongs to interswitch. Hitting up InterSwitch’s URL:, here’s their notice and disclaimer:


Now, as much as Nigerians use their brains for the ‘baddest’ things, I wonder why up till now, InterSwitch has not done anything to curb the activities of their impersonators – at least online.

One grouse I have with the way Nigeria’s banking / ATM bruhaha is the way things are technically setup. With InterSwitch as the middle man, a compromise in their network spells doom for the entire Nigerian banking system.

With the way things are going, the truth is whenever InterSwitch chooses to send an official notice/email, we might as well conclude it is false.



Technorati Tags: the new kind of spam: part-2

Not again,

Someone at is still fuming at my post titled:, the new kind of spam, which was a plain and simple candid post after I received the email in the post. While I accepted the advice of Waka-about a commenter on the ifunaya post, last 15th-April, and I decided to let the case rest, heres an harassment email from, through the auspices of one Mr. Akin Alao.

Here is his email.

NgEX Info <>
date    Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 10:55 AM
subject    Re: Your post about
hide details Apr 14 (8 days ago)

Hello NaijaTechTalk Admin,

We have been informed of a misleading post about our web property,, which you have posteed at .

Your post states “ the new kind of spam” and we find your comments disappointing and libelious. We categorically state that this email was NOT sent by and find it disappointing that you would defame a website simply because you received an email that contains the name of a website.

We ask that within 48 hrs of this post you either provide full and verifiable proof that the email you mention here was sent by and from or retract your comments and provide a correct statement of the facts on this page and at this link.

If within 48hrs you do not provide definite proof that the email was sent to you by/from or do not correct the statements on this page to accurately reflect the facts, we will pursue any claims we may have against you which can include a claim of libel and defamation.

Your proof can include, but is not limited to, details from the FULL email header that verify that the email was sent from our servers, that the Received and ID tags from the email header reflect your claim and that the real IP address in the email matches our IP address, etc.

Please note that from the WordPress TOS you have to ensure that – “the Content is not libelous or defamatory (more info on what that means), does not contain threats or incite violence towards individuals or entities, and does not violate the privacy or publicity rights of any third party;”

You can read the full WordPress TOS here

Please note that we reserve the right to pursue any legal avenues available to us at any time.


Akin Alao



Dear, Mr. Akin Alao

Your email is appreciated, with many thanks. Its a pleasure that you have read through this weblog and the only information you find useful, for which you decided to send a threat message(the above) is the post relating to

I do not suppose you read the post yourself, since you said you were just informed. Please re-read the original post before you send in your next letter. For the purpose of information, kindly note that the post you complained about is not libelous and neither did I mean to run-down your company / destroy your business. I am not a member of, neither am I interested in signing up. I have nothing against your company and business interests whatsoever. I don’t even know you, to begin with.

Its already past 48-hours since your threat email and I was just thinking:

I consider it plain and simple harassment. You have not considered the implications of your own email. Is there smoke without a fire? What if indeed I can prove the email in my post came from what would be your course of action. Sir, I would demand more than an apology for your harassing me.

Have you considered all avenues, whether my claims are true or false? Won’t it be better for you to sue me first, then I could sue you and your web properties 10-times whatever amount you place on my head – for damages too. I would use the amount then to buy, cash, your

If I were you, I could have offered an apology first, and asked to see the header/s of the email. At least you would be in the good books, but considering the line of action you are willing to take, please note I have my case files prepared.

warm regards



p.s: I’m not angry. I’m just giving it to you the way you gave it to me.