Mass failure in WAEC is because of malpractice and unpreparedness – WAEC

While we are still trying to understand why WAEC examination leaks and what can be done about it, here is what WAEC has to say – the reason for WAEC candidate mass failure.

‘Why Candidates Fail Our Examinations’—WAEC
April 17, 2009 14:38, 341 views
By Eromosele Ebhomele

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has absolved itself of any blame concerning the mass failure currently rocking its November/December, 2008 West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

The council, in a communique issued after the 47th meeting of the Nigerian Examinations Committee, attributed the mass failure to candidates’ unpreparedness for examinations. It claimed that the examination standard has remained the same over the years, adding that it was the candidates’ attitude that has changed. Other reasons for the mass failure, according to the examination regulatory body, include poor grammatical expression, failure to expatiate on points, misinterpretation of questions, illegible handwriting, wasting of time on unnecessary preambles and poor diagrams.

The communique further stressed that, “the committee viewed with concern the festering problem of examination malpractice in Nigeria and decided to make public, on state basis, facts and statistics on the problem for the benefit of stakeholders, especially state governments who may require information on the trend in their states to take decisive actions against the malaise. “It directed that supervisors and invigilators, who were found to have condoned examination malpractices, be recommended for sanction by the appropriate authorities.”

The examination committee of the council also appealed to state governments to urgently address the existing situations and circumstances which make candidates resort to examination malpractices and also put in place effective machinery to discourage the migration of candidates to the rural areas to register for examinations with a view to perpetrating malpractices. It expressed worry over the decline in the performance of candidates in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Health Sciences and a host of others, while tasking candidates to read novels and newspapers and adequately prepare themselves for future examinations.

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I consider the above as an ‘offensive’ punch by WAEC. They are not telling us the truth. If 100 students take the exams and 7-fail, did the 7 of them cheat? were they are unprepared etc?

And what of results that are pending for years, that haven’t been released? where are the results?

I believe the WAEC is not telling us the truth about their own inadequacies.


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4 responses

  1. Damilola Banjo

    I believe in the mass failure.Its all around us.But WAEC as a body do not look into their own wrongs e.g proper marking of exams

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  3. Sprada…

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  4. Awodi ken Ngbede

    What W.A.E.C stakeholder had said is right but I am suggesting that an organise body like War Against Examination Malpractices[W.E.A.M] should be form….thnks

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