Nokia dual Sim phones in Nigeria are Fake

Can the EFCC, Nigerian Police etc sweep down on Computer village to confiscate fake Nokia dual-sim phones sold with reckless abandon. Perhaps a solid investigation could also bring the business-men importers to the book.

Here, Nokia Nigeria says they don’t even manufacture dual sim phones, talk less of selling it.

We don’t manufacture dual SIM phones –Nokia 
Thursday, 09 April 2009 00:00 
Lucas Ajanaku

World leading mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia, has once again dissociated itself from mobile phones that have dual subscriber identification module (SIM) cards. The firm has… therefore warned mobile phone users in the country to be wary of buying any phone capable of accommodating two SIM card branded in the firm’s name.

Ngozi Ife Anene, communications manager, Nokia, Nigeria and West Africa, said as at the moment, the firm does not manufacture any such mobile phones and has no plan of doing so in the foreseeable future. According to her, the firm does not just rush and bring out products, adding that whatever product the Finnish mobile phone firm shows-off and sell to its teeming customers world-wide are products that have passed through the crucible of scientific research.

“As I speak to you today, Nokia does not manufacture mobile devices that have dual SIM capability. So, if you go out and buy any handset with dual SIM capability and is branded Nokia, it is not original,” she disclosed in Lagos at an informal media parley on Tuesday.

Mrs Anene said the firm cherishes its good name which it has earned over the years because of the high quality of its products and would not just rush to the factory to manufacture any product that is not properly researched. She said the firm invests heavily on research and development (R&D), arguing that the firm will not manufacture and sell any mobile device that is not well researched to its customers.

In order to avoid cheats and charlatans, she advised prospective Nokia phone users to patronise approved dealers and enjoy the benefits of one year warranty and after-sales-service.

With the devastating effects of a mismanaged e-waste threatening the health safety and environment while the federal and state governments and their litany of agencies play the second fiddle, she said Nokia has a special initiative for the environment which is built in its “take back programme.”

According to her, the programme is essentially meant to take back, all disused mobile phones, regardless of its manufacturers, for recycling. She said 80 per cent of parts are recycled for the manufacture of plastics and other kitchen utensils, while the remaining 20 per cent are converted to tar to beautify the surroundings of the firms factory.

Realising that there are certain emotional attachment that goes with some phones, she said a gift will be given to anybody that surrenders his or her disused handsets, chargers, batteries and headsets. The gift will be a mark of appreciation from the firm for the support in preserving the environment.

She added that collection centres for the disused phones are the numerous Nokia care centres strategically located across the country.

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  3. mobile phones that have built in cameras are my favorite because they can capture those special moments and events ;~*

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