ifunaya.com the new kind of spam: part-2

Not again,

Someone at www.ifunaya.com is still fuming at my post titled: Ifunaya.com, the new kind of spam, which was a plain and simple candid post after I received the email in the post. While I accepted the advice of Waka-about a commenter on the ifunaya post, last 15th-April, and I decided to let the case rest, heres an harassment email from NGEX.com, through the auspices of one Mr. Akin Alao.

Here is his email.

NgEX Info <info@ngex.com>
reply-to    info@ngex.com
to    africantux@gmail.com
cc    ngexmail@ngexmail.com
date    Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 10:55 AM
subject    Re: Your post about Ifunaya.com
mailed-by    ngex.com
hide details Apr 14 (8 days ago)

Hello NaijaTechTalk Admin,

We have been informed of a misleading post about our web property, ifunaya.com, which you have posteed at https://naijatechtalk.wordpress.com/2008/10/29/ifunayacom-the-new-kind-of-spam/#comment-965 .

Your post states “ifunaya.com the new kind of spam” and we find your comments disappointing and libelious. We categorically state that this email was NOT sent by Ifunaya.com and find it disappointing that you would defame a website simply because you received an email that contains the name of a website.

We ask that within 48 hrs of this post you either provide full and verifiable proof that the email you mention here was sent by and from ifunaya.com or retract your comments and provide a correct statement of the facts on this page and at this link.

If within 48hrs you do not provide definite proof that the email was sent to you by/from Ifunaya.com or do not correct the statements on this page to accurately reflect the facts, we will pursue any claims we may have against you which can include a claim of libel and defamation.

Your proof can include, but is not limited to, details from the FULL email header that verify that the email was sent from our servers, that the Received and ID tags from the email header reflect your claim and that the real IP address in the email matches our IP address, etc.

Please note that from the WordPress TOS you have to ensure that – “the Content is not libelous or defamatory (more info on what that means), does not contain threats or incite violence towards individuals or entities, and does not violate the privacy or publicity rights of any third party;”

You can read the full WordPress TOS here http://en.wordpress.com/tos/

Please note that we reserve the right to pursue any legal avenues available to us at any time.


Akin Alao


Dear www.ifunaya.com

Dear, Mr. Akin Alao

Your email is appreciated, with many thanks. Its a pleasure that you have read through this weblog and the only information you find useful, for which you decided to send a threat message(the above) is the post relating to ifunaya.com.

I do not suppose you read the post yourself, since you said you were just informed. Please re-read the original post before you send in your next letter. For the purpose of information, kindly note that the post you complained about is not libelous and neither did I mean to run-down your company / destroy your business. I am not a member of ifunaya.com, neither am I interested in signing up. I have nothing against your company and business interests whatsoever. I don’t even know you, to begin with.

Its already past 48-hours since your threat email and I was just thinking:

I consider it plain and simple harassment. You have not considered the implications of your own email. Is there smoke without a fire? What if indeed I can prove the email in my post came from Ifunaya.com? what would be your course of action. Sir, I would demand more than an apology for your harassing me.

Have you considered all avenues, whether my claims are true or false? Won’t it be better for you to sue me first, then I could sue you and your web properties 10-times whatever amount you place on my head – for damages too. I would use the amount then to buy, cash, your ifunaya.com.

If I were you, I could have offered an apology first, and asked to see the header/s of the email. At least you would be in the good books, but considering the line of action you are willing to take, please note I have my case files prepared.

warm regards



p.s: I’m not angry. I’m just giving it to you the way you gave it to me.

6 responses

  1. I am not sure I understand your stance. You still have not provided any proof that the previous email you mentioned was actually sent from his site and you want him to apologize to you. Apologize for what, please?

    I also do not think that you know how to show FULL headers or even know what that means. You could simply have shown the FULL headers for the first email you said you received and you are also NOT showing the FULL headers for this email here. What you are showing in this post is not the FULL header. Anybody can easily fake the “from” and “reply to” lines and you did not even show the “from” and “reply to” lines for the first email in your previous post.

    He is right, you could have at least shown that the path or ID tags of the first email matches their server info or tags or you could have shown something else while making your claims, but i honestly think you don’t understand what that is.

    Do you truly expect him to be happy that you are making unverifiable allegations about his business? I truly DO NOT see anything in the first post that shows that they sent that email – your only claim is that someone said they saw your profile on the site, and so what? What if someone says they saw your profile on Facebook, would you accuse FB of spamming you? If you were in his shoes, would you not ask for verifiable proof or at least ask for the post to reflect exactly what the situation is?

    You could have forged the first email you posted for all he knows and yet you still cannot post the FULL email headers for that first email or show any other verifiable proof, why? I dont support making unfounded allegations against anyone, always show your proof. It makes everyone’s life easier and helps your credibility.

    Since you asked what he would do if you can prove your allegations, what will YOU do if you CANNOT prove that the first email came from his site? Your requests can’t be one-sided.

    Since you say you have your case files prepared, why don’t you post the FULL headers for that email to prove your case before you start determining who is to apologise to whom? Not sure why you can’t do that or don’t you have any proof? If you don’t have any real proof why not at least modify your post to say that or are you a gossip site? This is just crazy.

  2. @Waka-About
    I carry a microphone and shout that my neighbor stole my car. He carries his own speaker to say he didn’t. Then comes a self-appointed policeman. He then asks me to provide evidence that my car was lost. I say yes indeed, the car is lost, thats why its no more here. ‘hhmm’, goes the policeman, “if you cant show me the lost car, you are lying, in fact, you never even had a car, neither do you know how to drive”.

    The above is Nigerian style judgment.

    I see where you are coming from, and I also see where you are going. You are hereby appointed the judge of this case and court.

    Thanks anyway for the long education. Waka-About, please tread softly and learn to look at things from a neutral perspective, especially when technicalities are involved. This is the internet, please wake up. Hhmm, or am I’m trying to place you / your relationship with Ifunaya and its owners, and whether or not you are the informant mentioned in the mail.

    Whichever one you are, you are welcome to NaijaTechTalk. Your comments are much appreciated. As you seem to be an I-too-know, pls go ahead, educate me more on how to display email-headers etc. You might as well source for some tutorials on google, do a copy and paste and dish it out here, as a comment or to me via mail. I’ll have it published – kudos to you.

    About the FB and Spam thingy, why don’t you search these: “facebook spam” on google and then do a read-up first before doing ‘compare and contrast’.

    Please note, I am not making a request to anyone by saying they(Ifunaya) sent me spam mail. If I wanted to pursue the case, they would have seen my lawyers a long time ago. I could have sent them a formal email, and even make claims out of it. If they want to make a case out of a denial, lets shoot. huh.

    Regardless of the headers I post or don’t post, are you in a position to verify that the emails came / came not from Ifunaya. Thats why I wonder what your relationship is with them, as you seem all too defensive.

    And hey, I received another spam in Novermber 2008. So now I got two spam mails from Ifunaya. Just in case you wanted to verify if I received the above email from ngex, why don’t you mail them(the addr above) and let them make a denial – anyway you are the judge.

  3. As expected, you still cannot show any proof of your allegations and in typical naija style you present an analogy that makes no sense. What if the policeman says “Show me proof that you have ever owned a car”, and you cannot? What should you do or what do you expect your neighbour to do?

    As I have said ..it is simple show your proof, if you can’t or don’t have any proof then admit it. There is nothing wrong with that.

    You can call me all the names you want but the fact remains that you have made allegations that you cannot prove and I don’t understand why you refuse to accept that if you want to make any allegations about anything you should SHOW YOUR PROOF, it helps your credibility.

    Advice no be curse.

  4. hahaha,

    you must be a politician.

  5. It is interesting to see the energy spent on this back and forth tirade! The same time could have been spent with all of you putting your heads together and thinking about how to eradicate poverty and decrease the gap between “the haves'” and “have nots'” or how to put your money together and build an orphanage for children who have lost their parents through Aids. You could have started a blog about what you have done in any positive field and garnered ideas from each other on how to do better and be better.
    You see people, life is way too short to waste it on semantics. Get a real life and make a lasting change while you are here on earth. Start something, anything as long as it will do good for others for “it is in giving that you receive”.
    Peace be with you all .

  6. Oh and Merry Christmas and a prosperous, positive New Year!!

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