Ugandan varsity wants Nigerian TAC volunteers

Ugandan varsity wants Nigerian TAC volunteers
From Oghogho Obayuwana, Abuja

THE Technical Aids Corps (TAC) programme, Nigeria’s window for the export of expertise to countries mostly in the southern hemisphere has yet another request laid on its table: A Ugandan university wants some Nigerian engineers.

Visiting Vice Chancellor of the Ndejje University, Uganda, Bishop Michael Senyimba, who is leading a delegation of the university’s council to Nigeria, made the request in Abuja during a parley with officials of TAC.

Although the request may not be met by the current biennial posting arrangement of TAC, the chief executive officer of the programme, Ambassador Mamman Daura, said at the weekend that Nigeria had had to struggle to meet most requests of late.

But he noted that Nigeria was now very near to tapping from the experience that returnee volunteers are expected to bring back into the economy.

Oil and gas have just been discovered in the east African country. Ndejje University is a new and promising institution that currently has no engineering faculty.

“This is the reason why we are in Nigeria. We have now made an official request to your technical aids programme. We have seen what other countries are benefitting from this initiative which is very unique in Africa. With the working understanding which we now have, as we prepare to open our engineering faculty, we have made our approach. We want to train our own experts in this field with TAC trainers. In Nigeria, we are also visiting some other universities. We recognise that exchange is key in today’s technology-driven world,” Senyimba stressed.

On why the Ugandans are looking the way of Nigeria in this regard, he said: “Well, as a new university which is in need of engineering manpower and that is establishing faculty of engineering and Uganda is at the beginning of oil finds, Nigeria is the natural point of call. It is a country that has experience in the oil industry. And I am happy to disclose to you that our contact here (TAC) looks very promising and fruitful.”

Speaking shortly after the roundtable exchange of papers of intent where various technical and general questions were fielded by the Ugandan delegation from the TAC team, Daura noted that TAC was being put in the limelight for the right reason.

“I feel satisfied that the programme is positively accepted outside Nigeria. That goes to show how effective our programme is, how much it is helping these countries to develop their social and economic infrastructure and how much it will in the end help Nigeria in gaining expertise. Yes, more of such requests are expected. And the cause of the South-South cooperation is being helped in no small measure,” he added.

The Ndejje University is owned by six dioceses of the Anglican Church in Uganda. The country’s foreign ministry had written its Nigerian counterpart asking for TAC volunteers in the engineering field.

In the end, it is the receiving countries, which determine the number and the qualifications of the volunteers. The next TAC biennium begins from 2010 through 2012.

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