Nigeria is not the home of cybercrime – its because there is no light

I just finished reading Nigerian Curiosity’s post titled: Nigeria is not the home of cybercrime, and the additional part of the title of this post came to my mind.

Its nice to tell ourselves the truth at least once in a while. With the United States of America garnering 66% and top in the cybercrime perpetrators list, regardless of whether or not Nigerians / Africans living in America make up that percentage, I am of the opinion that if electricity was more constant in Nigeria, our brothers and sisters would do more damage on the internet.

With our telecom / internet infrastructure is still in infancy, with no regard to checks and balances, we can only estimate the potentials if things were much better.

I haven’t found the time to write part-2 of this post titled: Nigeria is telecommunicationally dangerous.

Till then, Peace.


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