re – Not every Nigerian is a fraudster by Jirinwayo Odinkonigbo – a Nigerian who blows his own trumpet

Everybody blow your trumpet, tra la la la la la la…..

Not every Nigerian is a fraudster

SIR: I am writing to bring to your notice that many Nigerians are working hard to uplift the image of our country. Recently, I set a record at Osgoode Hall Law School, Canada as the first Ph.D student in the history of the law school to complete the Osgoode doctoral programme in less than three years. I have been informed there will be an official recognition and award from the university on the convocation day (June 24, 2009) for achieving this outstanding feat.

A brief profile about me is that I graduated from Enugu State University of Science and Technology in 1998. I came out with Second Class (Honours) Upper Division; and also made the overall best result at the Faculty of Law of the University. I proceeded to the Nigerian Law School, Abuja in 1999 and was called to the Nigeria Bar in 2000. At Law School we were only 15 students out of about 4,500 students that made second class (Honours) Upper Division after the May 2000 Nigerian Law School’s Bar finals. Immediately, after my NYSC in 2001-2002, I secured a full-funded Dalhousie Graduate scholarship from Dalhousie University, Canada for an LL.M programme. I completed the LL.M programme in 10 months (from September 2002-July 2003). Subsequently, I worked for two years before commencing my Ph.D programme in September 2006.

My case is that it will be nice if you help publish my achievements at Osgoode Hall Law School in your newspaper to remind many who think that the name Nigeria is synonymous with fraud that they are completely wrong. Many of us are working hard in our little ways to give our country a good name.

I am hoping you will help get this information out there because it is a very big thing here. For your information, Osgoode was founded in 1889 and later got affiliated to York University in 1968. You can do your own research about the history and antecedents of the Law School. Throughout the history of the Law School, a Nigerian happens to be the first person ever to complete the Osgoode’s doctoral programme in less than three years. I think we Nigerians should be proud of this and not just to bemoan our fate whenever it is reported that some of our citizens are caught up in crime. For me, I am tired of negative news about Nigeria. Let us get some positive news out there.

Jirinwayo Odinkonigbo,

article source: click here

Dear Mr. Jirinwayo,

My piss off with your article is the part in bold. If you are looking for a job in Nigeria, you could as well have asked them to publish your achievements. Anyway, thank you for achieving what no Nigerian in the history of Nigeria and the whole world; or better still nobody(male and female) in the history of the entire human race and the world, in the history of Canada and Osgoode Hall Law school has achieved. Damn, in 3-years? you mean in 3-years? Wonderful.

If I were you, I would have re-written your piece to the Guardian in a better way not to make it sound as if I was the first Nigerian to climb the ladder of greatness. Sir, it doesn’t sound good that a Lawyer is blowing his own trumpet, and doing it the way you have done in your article. You could have allowed someone to blow it for you, the Osgoode Hall Law school for example, and in the end, you’ll get a better face-value.

I believe you are not the only Nigerian in Canada, neither are you the only Nigerian in Law school in Canada and around the world. Do you mean to say there are no other Nigerian Lawyers or students in other fields of study worthy of commendation?, one or two Nigerians who like yourself are not part of the ‘Fraudster-Nigerians’ national team – all helping to contribute to a better image of the country?

C’mon, grow up, get real. Get a life. And the way your piece sounds, its like you even had no professors, no lecturers, no other person who assisted your success? not even the people who gave you the scholarship. I believe God must have even taken a back seat. A one-liner ‘thank you’ popping up somewhere in your article would have been better, don’t you think so?

Once again, congratulations on your achievements, dear Barrister. Welcome to the real world!

warm regards




p.s: no pun intended.



22 responses

  1. Am Canadian. Living at Scaborough. Being defrauded by you 419 Nigerians. News about ur fucking country all abt fraud. Credit card scam in NY city, doing drugs everywhere. Was surprised to see this bit of info from Dean Monahan of Osgoode Hope many of u fraudsters change 4 a better world, or u stay in u damn god forsaken country with corruption everywhere. Cut off internet from u bastards.

    “Jirinwayo (Jude) Odinkonigbo Kudos for Jirinwayo (Jude) Odinkonigbo, Christian Kurtz & Elie Zolty

    A big round of applause is in order for Osgoode PhD student Jirinwayo (Jude) Odinkonigbo who will be the first student ever to complete our doctoral program in under three years. Jude commenced his studies in the fall of 2006 and, after eight full-time terms and no leaves, he will convocate this month. The title of his thesis is “Re-thinking the Nigerian Tax Policy Toward Achieving Tax Compliance.” We salute Jude on his outstanding ability to focus on his goals and complete the program in record time.

    You’ll also be pleased to know that our first two JD (Osgoode)/ LLM (NYU) students — Christian Kurtz and Elie Zolty — are graduating this spring. And Elie will be taking home NYU School of Law’s Harry J. Rudick Memorial Award for distinction in the Tax Program. Congratulations to Christian and Elie!

    Front Row (L to R): Mahsa Dabirian, Annie Harris, Cornelia Mazgarean, Lindsay Beelen, Meera Budovitch, Phanny Im, Craig Garbe, Dorothy Charach, Kate Lacey, Venus Sayed, Joyce Lim

    Back Row (Lto R): George Diplas, Hunter Graves, Dale Turner, Alex Giletski, Patrick LeGay Say Hello to our Community and Legal Aid Services Program (CLASP) Division Leaders

    Congratulations to the 16 students pictured here who are working at CLASP for an entire calendar year.

    The students, who started last month, were chosen in an application process from among roughly 50 applicants. They will learn hands-on advocacy skills, deal with clients, appear at courts and tribunals and have a unique opportunity to learn about and participate in law reform and community development initiatives in and around the Jane-Finch area.

    All excellent communicators and top problem-solvers who are committed to social justice, the students will be supervised by three Review Counsel, a Community Outreach Coordinator, and two Senior Division Leaders (who have returned from last year).

    The students will work full-time at the clinic over the summer months, receiving intensive training and overseeing the clinic’s summer operations. In the upcoming academic year, the Division Leaders will be enrolled in the CLASP clinical program and will receive academic credit for their work as well as a detailed evaluation from the Clinic Director and their Review Counsel.

    Humber Honours Professor Emeritus Fred Zemans

    Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning will recognize the contributions of Professor Emeritus Fred Zemans at its annual Convocation ceremonies on June 25 with the presentation of an Honorary Bachelor of Applied Studies degree.

    Professor Zemans, who is well known as the founding director of Parkdale Community Legal Services, Ontario’s first community-based legal aid clinic, is a most worthy recipient of this honour and we are delighted for him.

    In 2002, Professor Zemans was a panel member for an Ontario provincial assessment review that recommended approval of the four-year baccalaureate program (paralegal specialization) at Humber, arguing in part that such a broad-based degree offering would be a valuable tool for supporting the access to justice agenda.

    Professor Zemans also reasoned that the Humber paralegal program, which is unique in Canada, could provide valuable services to disadvantaged and low-income groups. This year marks the third cohort of graduates from the program.

    Professor Emeritus Fred Zemans

    Professor Janet Walker Elected President of the Canadian Branch of the International Law Association

    I am pleased to advise that Professor Janet Walker was recently elected President of the Canadian Branch of the International Law Association for a two-year period. Founded in February 1967, this is the senior international law organization in Canada.

    Some of you may recall that ILA (Canada) hosted the very successful ILA 72nd Biennial Conference in June 2006 with more than 800 participants from 60 countries.

    Professor Walker tells me that she is very much looking forward to working on a series of initiatives designed to support the involvement of Osgoode faculty in the work of the ILA in all areas of international law.

    This appointment is a great tribute to Professor Walker’s leadership within the international community. A real achievement.
    Professor Janet Walker”

    Office of the Dean | Osgoode Hall Law School of York University
    4700 Keele Street | Toronto, Ontario, Canada | M3J 1P3
    Tel: 416-736-5199 | Fax: 416-736-5251 | E-mail:

  2. @Peter Josh

    thanks for dropping by. I’ll not reply you word for word. Do you know how many Canadians are living in Nigeria and have taken Nigeria as their home? maybe call your embassy in Nigeria and let them school you a lil bit.

    And permit me to say this:
    – as much as some Nigerians might be engaging in fradulent activities around the globe, kindly note that they are not alone in the buisness. Even here in Canada, do you know how many non-Nigerians, aid and abet, cooperate in one form or the other, with these Nigerians to dupe people? the NY City scam you mentioned, do you know how many Americans are involved, helping these scammers all for the financial reward they’ll get at the end of the loot? how then can you point the finger only at Nigerians?

    and thanks for the piece of news, about Jude O. You didnt mention the source.

  3. Uups… u are living in Canada? Probably u are one of the Nigerian 419 thieves. Few Canadians may go for biz like NGO work in ur damn country. One kidnapped by u hungry criminals. No group of people hate their country like u Nigerian criminals. Never want to stay home. U saw the contacts of Dean Monahan and u are still asking for source. Take a phone and call the office of Dean of Osgoode for verification. Send e-mail to the dean to e-mail u the message from his office. Go to Osgoode and find out. Or go to Osgoode convocation ground today and see where the dude recognize. Before u start writing rubbish. Maybe u are jeros/envy we’ve gotten just one good guy to join very few of u that are doing genuine thing. U living in Canada may know the guy personally and not happy he is not part of ur fraud. Nigeria = fraud, crime, kidnapping, and every known evil. Show me any good thing u damn Nigerians do good.

  4. @Peter Josh

    I can see that you don’t understand English. Shame on you, a Canadian who cannot even get his diction right. Did you go to school at all? or you ran your way through home-school?

    Yes, I was asking for a source for your news piece. Definitely, you copied it from somewhere and posted it here? or did you pick up the phone and the Dean at Osgoode dictate the whole thing to you? duh! And definitely, no Dean of anywhere will mail you anything like this.

    Mr. Josh, I believe there is more to your piss off about Nigerians rather than coming to my weblog to run-down your mouth or reading about the success of Mr.Jude O. Whatever your piss off is, you gotta solve the problem by yourself.

    p.s: your verbal attack on this weblog is not appreciated. Anyway, you are welcome to continue. When you get tired, you’ll stop, won’t you.

  5. U fucking criminal. I may not get as much criminal education as u damn thief gat. But u know what? I gat integrity. Not a thief like u and ur people. The source, yes it was e-mailed to me. This is Canada! Ask for Tuesday, June 02, 2009 Dean’s ovation from Office of Dean or any Osgoode student u idiot know. The ovation was circulated to all Osgoode staffs and students. It is contained in a newsletter of the Dean. U fricking animal. Hope the dude that was praised don’t even join u idiots with lots of education but criminal mind. Some people in ur damn country gat Harvard education, but wat do u have to show for it. Just crime! Crime!! Crime!!. FBI, CIA once posted in their website that every Nigerian should be suspected as 419. the name of ur damn country smell. Go clean up ur damn country. Instead, u are here doing 419, claiming benefits from our benevolent govt. Go back to ur fricking country.

  6. I gat this today. This is type of news we are used to about u rogue Nigerians. Soon, u 419 will say a Canadian helped them.

    Nigerian narcotics suspects in city court

    Written by Chrann Chamroeun
    Tuesday, 23 June 2009

    THREE Nigerian nationals suspected of attempting to smuggle nearly a kilogramme of heroin through Phnom Penh International Airport by hiding it in giant clothes buttons were sent to the Phnom Penh Municipal Court on Sunday and Monday for further investigation, Dangkor district police Chief Born Sam Ath said.

    The men, thought by authorities to be the masterminds behind a major drugs smuggling ring, are under interrogation by prosecutors, he added.

    The trio were among 23 Nigerians arrested on Wednesday in a crackdown on drugs trafficking.
    The other 20 men have been sent to the Department of Immigration for further investigation, Born Sam Ath said.

    “We are now actively hunting to arrest more Nigerian suspects who we believe are hiding in Phnom Penh,” he added.

    Nearby Myanmar is the world’s second-leading producer of heroin, and with its porous borders, Cambodia has increasingly become part of transit route for drug smugglers, police say.

  7. @Josh,

    You must have grown up in a very angry and rough environment. It shows right through how you write. And you must have picked up the foul language from those you grew up with: your pop, your mom, brothers and sisters. Are you guys truckers? I pity you, im really sorry for you.

    Thanks for dropping by to continue railing on this weblog. You are disgracing yourself openly and I’m here laughing at you. P.s I know where your internet connection is from. Its a small world, bro, wake up.

    And are you an Osgoode student? what course are you into?…. you dont sound like someone who has an education, do you? or perhaps you are sitting at home as a failed human being, while your student friends at Osgoode mailed the news to you – and you went hey-wire pissed and angry, that a Nigerian whom you despise so much achieved what you cannot even dream of?

    And for you to come here and say you are Canadian with foul words like this, one more time, shame on you.

  8. Shame on u. shame on u Nigerian thieves. Yep, I gat no education like u rogues, but am no thief. Education that only empower u to manipulate pple is a bad one. That kind of education u criminals in Nigeria get. Maybe the dude from Osgoode will soon join u hereditary criminals. Let me tell ya, I gat no time 4 u again.

  9. Now that you have agreed that you have no education, and such is responsible for your lack of understanding especially of the English language, besides the fact that your childhood was very violent, can I advise you? why are you misusing the RESNET internet service of York University? I suppose you are an undergraduate student. And all your foul comments have sounded racist right from start. If you had a little bit of education, you might have reasoned better. Its so unfortunate.

    And please don’t hate Mr Jude. I understand you can’t achieve what he has achieved and maybe you are a little bit angry, jealous etc. Just leave him alone, and you get a life for yourself. Study hard, pass your exams and maybe one day, York University would be able to write and congratulate you about your own achievements.

  10. This is quite interesting to read! I just couldn’t help but add my 2 cent’s worth 🙂

    In fact we’ve stopped working, employing and doing business deals with Nigerians – and so have all other businesses and companies here. A while ago, we hired a Nigerian who claimed to have a Master’s degree from a Nigerian university, but on a quick background checks, it turned out that this guy forged his degree.

    Now, we’ve come to understand that this is how things work in their country and they automatically expect or believe it works the same elsewhere. This if course is a big shame!

    So, sorry naijatechtalk, it’s scumbags like that that not only taint the image of you people, but stops the little (yes, few honest) ones among you guys from making any little positive impact.

  11. @Cillia

    Yes, you are right:

    it’s scumbags like that that not only taint the image of you people, but stops the little (yes, few honest) ones among you guys from making any little positive impact.

    A point of correction on your ‘few honest’ part, though. To say that only a few Nigerians are honest would be entirely wrong. There are too many honest, and well-meaning Nigerians, but generally, people, (myself, a Nigerian inclusive) have been so negatively informed about Nigeria, Nigerians, etc., that the default Nigerian is proclaimed guilty. This informs the reason why Nigerians who were born and bred abroad are also negative about home.

    The situation is like this: one spoilt egg contaminated the whole basket of eggs. Considering that there is a whole basket of eggs and the extent of contamination, it is hard to believe that t’was only one spoilt egg that caused the stench. In fact, it is summarily concluded that the whole basket was originally full of spoilt eggs. Can these contaminated eggs ever cleanse themselves? Maybe, maybe not. Even the unborn Nigerian is already labelled as a fraudster.

    Now, with the extent of contamination of these eggs, it would take the contaminated eggs years to cleanse themselves. Talk about a pre-destroyed reputation. And thats why we are here to inform people and at least add some 2-cents worth to the positive Nigerian image – if possible.

    On the Nigerian you hired who had a forged certificate, pls note that such can easily be verified from/by the Nigerian Embassy in your country.

    Thanks again for dropping by.
    NTT Admin

  12. Hi Cellia,
    Such things do not just happen in Nigeria only, it happens everywhere; even in US and UK and all the so called developed countries.
    I have semi-witnessed an incidence where someone worked as a faculty for over 10yrs claiming to b a prof but alas, he was discovered to b a fake. Not withstanding, he was good at what he did and students liked him.
    This person is not a Nigerian.
    Are we here to judge ourselves or try to put things right. We need to help ourselves if we tend to shelve the wrong way and not judge one another. This will only aggravate things the way we do not want.

  13. Sorry Cillia Jonhson, please i would like to know if there is no act of forgery in that great country of yours Canada? I did mention of a reputable place you work yet you could not differentiate between (a Nigerian and Nigerians) I may not be a Nigerian, but i have always been of the opinion that says “do not give a dog a bad name just to kill it” most writers here write as if Osama(who spear head the bombing in USA) is also “Nigeria” hahahahahahahahahahahaha, The canadian who commetted the act of beastiality is also “Nigeria”. Hitler and his followers are “Nigerians” hehehhehehehehehe. Imagine Canada as a whole, racist country, coming to speak on behave of Nigeria(hahahahaha, i wonder what the world expect to hear)please if you nothing to say, just chat with your friends, alot can be done via internet, instead of wasting your previous time to “cry more than the family that own the dead”

  14. Well understood It’s not every Nigerian is a fraud star…buh why will any sane person of sound mind praise himself publicly?

  15. To answer your question Mr. Isaacs, Maybe I’ll say it’s because of low self esteem or to show-off to the entire world what a genius he claimed to be….lol!!
    Absolute foolishness!
    Insane people are always fund of that you know.
    Ancestor I.

  16. Hi Mr. Ancestor Michael or whatever you call yourself, we originate from the same Affa . I know u, and ur family. Ur uncle who u said is insane I know also. This guy I know talk fine of u. I am surprise u come here in the forum talking bad of him. If u have problem in ur family (like many families in Igbo land now) can’t u better go and sort it out than coming out to wash your dirty linings in the public of igwe mmadu. Don’t you think ur writing is cause by envy? What has your brother did to you? Think of it. Did u drink ur mother breast? What outsiders say about anybody (except if the person commit crime) is simple immaterial in this wicked world. But you! I called your eldest uncle immediately I see this. You better hold your mouth. Let me ask, is this how you talk about ur bosses in the office where you work? Remember that creating an in-house enemy is dangerous. Read Micah 7:6

  17. Jirinwayo Jude Odinkonigbo

    This is for my friends who on several occasions have called my attention to this blog and what was published in the guardian newspaper. I have kept quiet over this but I think it is necessary, at this time, to publicly clarify what happened. After a successful completion of my doctoral program at Osgoode Hall Law School of York University (“Osgoode”), an ovation was given by the Dean of Osgoode regarding the time I spent doing the program. This information was circulated in the Nigerian-Canadian listserv. The Nigerian-Canadian News vol. 4, issue 6 of June 2009 (a widely read Nigerian-Canadian newspaper in Toronto area) carried a detailed report of the ovation. But what led to the present thread is that I received a call from one Femi who claimed to work for Guardian newspaper in Nigeria. He told me that Nigeria’s image has being so discredited and battered that they do not waste time in reporting any good news about Nigerians. He then told me to prepare my profile and attach a copy of the ovation so he could do a report on it. This I did. Unfortunately, the next thing I saw was a publication reported as a letter soliciting publicity. I was taken aback and completely surprised that this could happen. When I called him back, for about four times, to know why he failed to do the report he offered to do, he refused to take my calls. The next is that his line cannot be reached again. I sent a report of this unfortunate incident to Guardian, but could not hear anything from the organization. I decided to keep quiet and face the struggles of life. The latest incident to this is that someone has used the name of my nephew, Ancestor Micheal I. Odinkonigbo, to make unsavory comments here with the intention to cause mischief in the family. I can only tell the person that s/he has misfired: as there is no problem between me and my nephew who has equally expressed shock at what mischief humans can conceive against their fellow human. Ikenna, you are my “odogwu” and will remain so forever. Also, the importance of Osgoode, Dalhousie, NLS (Nigerian Law School), and ESUT in my life and the lives of millions of others can never be belittled by any known or unknown persons. I therefore advise my friends and well-wishers to ignore whatever anyone with or without mask may decide to write here or in any other forum. Please, this is my first and last comment on this.

  18. Odinkonigbo Ikenna

    For all who care to know this is the real ODINKONIGBO IKENNA MICHAEL writing and not the impostor who claims to be me above. I will like to break my silence at this point and to buttress what my big brother Jude has written.

    It is so sad and heart breaking that the unemployment in the country has continued to increase and at an exponential rate, our prayer is that all will be well soon. This situation definitely has led to people like Pascal Amadife and all others who have publicly displayed their ignorance & joblessness to write the garbage i have been reading since the inception of this discussion.

    Brothers, my good advice to you all is go and look for something doing. It is only disgruntled fellows that go about looking for people to blackmail. I also want to empathize with the impostor’s failed attempt to bring disunity and chaos in our family. Sorry bro please try harder, please also work on your English.

    To my one and only brother Jude, you have truly behaved like a big bro by not falling for this cheap nonentity’s pranks.

    Once again please you guys should use your time wisely.

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  21. Thanks for finally talking about >re – Not every Nigerian is a fraudster by Jirinwayo Odinkonigbo – a Nigerian who blows his own trumpet n a i
    j a t e c h t a l k <Loved it!

  22. As at when this article was published, opinion on Nigerians everywhere was poor. Every Nigerian was regarded as a fraudster, drug dealer, prostitute or thief. I read this article in the guardian and as at that time, I didn’t exactly understand the weight of finishing a phD in less than three years.

    I’m currently a student at Osgoode School of Professional Development. phDs take an average of 6 YEARS to complete. As The author points out, Professor Jude is REALLY the first human to achieve that at Osgoode. It remains a record NO ONE has beaten yet- in an Institution that existed long before Nigeria came to exist as a country itself.

    I don’t know whether the author noticed the fact that Prof. mentioned the organization responsible for his scholarship. The proverbial lizard (if you’re familiar with Igbo proverbs) says that “If I survive a fall from an Iroko tree and no one praises me, I will praise myself”

    The man simply sought recognition from his own people and instead he got criticism.

    I agree to an extent that a Lawyer should not be the one “blowing his trumpet”. But the Rules of Professional Conduct actually allow you to talk about your qualifications as long as you don’t cast aspersions on members of other professions, (like saying “lawyers are more important than farmers”). The Rules also allow you to talk about the awards you’ve won, achievements, membership of professional bodies etc.

    The man has achieved, let him brag- if that bragging benefits us all 🙂

    I believe that the author’s attack was well-intentioned, but it ultimately ended up throwing the baby out with the bath water. The author must have matured in his writing after 5 years, I’m sure.

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