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Of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board – and their endless websites.

If you have a brother, sister, or relative sitting for the above JAMB, or perhaps you relate to teenagers preparing for the JAMB exam, you would have information of, and can relate to the above title.

JAMB means Joint Admission and Matriculation Board and it the official examining board for the Universities Matriculation Exam held yearly for prospective undergraduate students in Nigeria. JAMB is a national body established by the Federal government and has been the sole body established with the responsibility for conducting the UME to select students for admission. When a student’s scores are good in the exam and he meets the cut off mark for his university choice, JAMB issues him an official University admission letter through his university of choice.

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Let me give you a run-down, starting with




The above is the main website of JAMB-exam registration, with URL as:, and IP address as:, registered by the AFRINIC.

In the above picture, #1 links to, with IP address: As of this writing, the page displays a blank-white.

#2 links to, with IP address: “Powered by AfriBank”, this is an official information taken from the site itself:

JAMBiTeS information service is all you need to check your examination centre, notification of results and provisional admission status for UME, MPCE and DE candidates.

Then check out this screenshot:


Please note the red-circled URL: with screen-shot below:

jamb3 with IP address: gives information about the Organization, its board members / management team etc. It also includes statitstical data for application, exam-performance and admission for both the UME(University Matriculation Examination) and PCE(Polytechnic / College Examination), etc.

In summary, is about JAMB, as an organization, and is for registration of candidates for the JAMB examination. While you are registered for the JAMB-examination, while you prepare/after sitting for the examination and awaiting results, you are a JamBite, so please move on to:




I thought it was all over, then I discovered Before I got confused, I clicked on the FAQ link.


The above circled info is quite similar with what we have at, isn’t it. So can we conclude that and are the same sites….for checking JAMB results?

But then, we have with IP address: The ‘NECO Examination Platform’ with URL is also hosted by the above server.

While these: and, both with IP address: look parked, in addition to, another JAMB website I discovered is: with IP: for services that include result checking / printing, etc. Honestly, are you not JAMB bored already?

While the JAMB board and technical crew might be having a field day registering JAMB-related domain names everywhere by different registrars and hosting their applications around the world, I hope the multitude of information does not contribute to the high-failure rate of Jambites in Nigeria.

Please, can someone tell the JAMB board of directors, the JAMB team of Information Technology experts, etc., to please get real, wake up and consolidate all their numerous websites / applications under one roof / domain / team of contractors, so that potential JAMB candidates won’t end up totally confused as to the correct website/URL where they are supposed to get information, register for and check their results, etc. Talk about registering at some JAMB URL only for you to hear that you wrongly registered on the date of the examination.

And with so many websites that lead all over, is JAMB not inviting fraudsters who might begin printing re-charge cards of their own and directing victims to some extra-fraudulent JAMB registration website.


Now, the funny part: is the WAEC registration website for the coming Nov/Dec-2009 season. And I’m thinking, how does/will WAEC’s technical crew differentiate WAEC registration web-sites on a yearly basis. Isn’t it better to have a single WAEC examination domain and then subdomains for as many exam sessions / applications and services as possible? for example:,,,,

Now, between,,, are applicants not going to end up confused.

Even the Ghanians are much more thoughtful:,,


And please are Africans in Yankee also taking WAEC?, or maybe I’m totally mistaken.



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I received a mail in my yahoo-mail box informing me that I won NGN250,000 – two hundred and fifty thousand Naira, as part of the winners in an MTN e-charge Promo. I smiled coz I use a glo-line.

Heres the screenshot:


For clarity:


You’ve been selected as one of our lucky winners in the MTN e-charge Promo!

You have won N250,000.00 along with 500 other winners who have made purchases of MTN recharge cards using their interswitch debit cards.

To claim your winnings,simply follow this instructions:

Visit to purchase an MTN recharge card of N750

Select the recharge card value of N750, fill in the “sms delivery phone number” and your coupon code number as “5468”

Select the payment platform as “interswitch debit card”, Click on “checkout” .

Once your payments has been received,your order would be sent via sms and we would further inform you on how to claim your winnings at our offices nationwide.

Thank you once more for participating in our MTN e-charge promo. For more information,visit: products/echarge.aspx

Important Notice: It is most important that you fill your phone number and coupon code along with your purchase,payments without the coupon code or owner’s phone number would be disqualified from our promo!

This URL: in the original email links to: with this screen-shot as of this writing:


We can at least give credit to this scammer for practicing his web-design skills with a little of bright yellow colors. P.S: don’t re-charge your account on this kind of weblink. Your interswitch ATM card details would be captured and your account might be cleaned inside-out.


Note: this-below is the original and authentic website of reload-NG:


Heres the header of the scam-mail:


for clarity:

Important Message from MTN NigeriaSunday, July 12, 2009 8:16 PM
From MTN Nigeria Mon Jul 13 03:16:32 2009
Return-Path:   <>
Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=neutral (no sig);; dkim=neutral (no sig)
Received:   from (EHLO ( by with SMTP; Sun, 12 Jul 2009 12:16:51 -0700
Received:   from ([]) by with ESMTP id <>; Sun, 12 Jul 2009 19:16:45 +0000
Message-Id:   <7hp5m9$>
Received:   from unknown (HELO User) ([]) by with ESMTP; 12 Jul 2009 15:15:26 -0400
From:   “MTN Nigeria”<>  Add sender to Contacts
Subject:   Important Message from MTN Nigeria
Date:   Sun, 12 Jul 2009 20:16:32 -0700
MIME-Version:   1.0
Content-Type:   text/html; charset=”Windows-1251″
Content-Transfer-Encoding:   7bit
Content-Length:   2478

The following are the IP details of the addresses:


Is there a solution to these scammers who won’t stop creating all these funny sites around the net and deceiving people? And how can free web-hosts be cautioned or guide themselves against the activities of scammers – using their free services for fraudulent purposes?

Check out this post about




419 Mosquito Zapper Killer seller on part-2


While it appears(above) that our admin has removed the link to the fraudulent advert which I mentioned in this post, the dupe in question is still peddling his wares on Nairalist.

I searched Nairalist with the 0803-8715926 phone-number of Mr. George. He has the following for sale scam as well:

Its unbelievable, that the guy who ran away with NGN6,000(six thousand Naira) paid into his bank account, and who didn’t deliver on his promise of a mosquito repellant now has filling stations for sale, in Nigeria for that matter. Wow!!

Mr. George has also upgraded on his operations to include additional contact phone numbers: 08032963972, 08067768338, 07088378142. The worst thing about this guy is that should you call these numbers one after the other from different phones, Geroge-o-dupe doesn’t have a clue of who called him last.


A commenter in my earlier post also claims being duped after trying to purchase electronics items from references found in Waseet, a free 8-page advert filled paper distributed once a week.

Update on earlier post: LD called Oceanic Bank and even went back to the branch where he deposited money into George-O-dupe’s account, presented the deposit slip, etc, and ‘nothing was / could be done’ according to the Oceanic bank officers spoken to:

  • Mr George-O-dupes account details: address etc, wasn’t and couldn’t be provided to LD without Mr. George’s consent. True, but what about the complaint? nothing could be done.
  • Oceanic banks officers couldn’t read in between the lines – check / correlate the activity in the account positively or negatively – and verify if / whether the complaint was genuine or not,
  • the money paid in could not be retrieved, or deducted from the existing balance of the account holder – at least to force him to call the bank / visit the branch to resolve issues with LD?
  • etc, etc, considering the Nigerian Police is as unreliable as NEPA, and can’t be trusted.

The conclusion of the matter was that Oceanic bank wasn’t responsible for how a customer uses his account, either for profitable or fraudulent purposes.

Question: a scammer opens an account in a bank for his scam-loot. Can the bank take action on the account based on a report from a scammed-victim?

Lets discuss!!!