N400,000 Brand New Nano Cars Coming to Nigeria

I blogged about it before: India unveils 1-Lakh Car, and its finally here.




N400,000 Brand New Cars Coming
By Femi Osinusi – 04.07.2009

NIGERIANS, from early next year, may be able to buy a brand new car for just N400,000.

Indication to this emerged on Friday as it was gathered that India’s largest vehicle manufacturers, Tata, is planning to introduce ultra-cheap car, Nano, into the Nigerian market.

According to reports, the company will, from 2010, introduce the Nano brand along with its Indica Vista hatchback and Sumo Grande models in to the African market with Nigeria expected to be its first port of call.

It said the beautiful car would cost between N375,480 and N400,000 when it is launched in Nigeria in 2010.

According to its website, Tata Nano is the world’s most affordable car in the market. It has an engine of 32 LP, a tank of 624cc, a two-cylinder engine placed at the rear of the vehicle.

It also said the main body of the car is steel while the bumpers are plastic. It weighs 1,322 pounds and has space for four passengers.

However, it could not be ascertained whether the vehicle would be assembled in Nigeria or imported directly from India, but sources said the car and other brands would also be sold in South Africa and Senegal, but that Nigeria would be the first port of call of the car.

source: http://www.tribune.com.ng/04072009/news/news3.html



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