Guaranty Trust Bank Plc – Your Account Identification Has Been Change or Incomplete Scam-mail – MUST READ

Below is a screen-shot of a scam mail I received with the above (less ‘scam – Must Read) as the mail subject.

Now listen carefully, this is a scam, so don’t click reply if you see such in your mailbox as it looks very much truthful.


gtbscam_pic_1: Original email scam mail



The ‘from’ mail-addr is

With the interesting part of this scam-mail as the…URL,  I started by checking out the correct ‘Internet banking URL’ of GT Bank Plc.


See the next screenshot.

gtbscam_pic_2: GTB PLC authentic website screen-shot.



where #1 is the URL,

where#2 is the ‘Internet Banking Login’ link, and

where#3 is, a Scam Alert by GTB, as a pop-up window, after clicking the Internet banking Login URL.


Looking closely,

#3 is from internet explorer:




and this next one is from Mozilla Firefox. I’m using v5.0




Please note that the above screen-shot(gtbscam_pic_4) via Mozilla Firefox is the exact same URL/weblink in my email.

Here is a zoom-in in view:




I decided to check out the bottom of the scam-email page and saw this. This is from gmail:




FYI, sells used computers and network hardware: computers, servers, cisco, Sun Dell, etc. As of this writing, this is the screenshot of their buisness webpage:



Please note that presently results in a ‘requested URL not found’ error message:



I would rather not point fingers on this one. At the beginning of last month, I received a similar one on my yahoo mail-box and heres another, totally different URL:




Hunt Essential Fish Fantastic caters through an exclusive club for the elite hunter and fisherman who in particular want to hunt and or fish at premier African destinations.

so what can we conclude?

Could all these genuine websites have been hacked into? – some hacker must be laughing his way around – while he has located his fraudulent weblink and pages in various webservers, and is still fine-tunning his skills, etc, for greater damages?


whatever it is, beware!!!

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  1. interesting. please check this out & leave a comment. spread the word! 🙂

  2. I would like to be using internet banking so that i can transfer or recieve via internet.I hope my request would be granted. Thanks, yours valued customer.

  3. why he does no allow the would to chek balace true the internet

  4. if need a loan contact the above website

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