419 Mosquito Zapper Killer seller on Nairalist.com: part-2


While it appears(above) that our Nairalist.com admin has removed the link to the fraudulent advert which I mentioned in this post, the dupe in question is still peddling his wares on Nairalist.

I searched Nairalist with the 0803-8715926 phone-number of Mr. George. He has the following for sale scam as well:

Its unbelievable, that the guy who ran away with NGN6,000(six thousand Naira) paid into his bank account, and who didn’t deliver on his promise of a mosquito repellant now has filling stations for sale, in Nigeria for that matter. Wow!!

Mr. George has also upgraded on his operations to include additional contact phone numbers: 08032963972, 08067768338, 07088378142. The worst thing about this guy is that should you call these numbers one after the other from different phones, Geroge-o-dupe doesn’t have a clue of who called him last.



A commenter in my earlier post also claims being duped after trying to purchase electronics items from references found in Waseet, a free 8-page advert filled paper distributed once a week.

Update on earlier post: LD called Oceanic Bank and even went back to the branch where he deposited money into George-O-dupe’s account, presented the deposit slip, etc, and ‘nothing was / could be done’ according to the Oceanic bank officers spoken to:

  • Mr George-O-dupes account details: address etc, wasn’t and couldn’t be provided to LD without Mr. George’s consent. True, but what about the complaint? nothing could be done.
  • Oceanic banks officers couldn’t read in between the lines – check / correlate the activity in the account positively or negatively – and verify if / whether the complaint was genuine or not,
  • the money paid in could not be retrieved, or deducted from the existing balance of the account holder – at least to force him to call the bank / visit the branch to resolve issues with LD?
  • etc, etc, considering the Nigerian Police is as unreliable as NEPA, and can’t be trusted.

The conclusion of the matter was that Oceanic bank wasn’t responsible for how a customer uses his account, either for profitable or fraudulent purposes.

Question: a scammer opens an account in a bank for his scam-loot. Can the bank take action on the account based on a report from a scammed-victim?

Lets discuss!!!


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