Reboot Rebrand Nigeria? wahala dey o

I just stumbled across the Rebranding Nigeria website: First of all, the site sucks, with pictures either over stretched or compressed to fit by force and fire – all for a grand(not yet realized) initiative to rebrand Nigeria.

I wonder if its a qualified webmaster that actually designed the site or if its Doc Akunyili herself thats trying to learn HTML. And for such a poor domain name, is there someone on the Rebrand Nigeria Technical Committee who actually knows anything about Web Presence?

here are others in the same league:

  1. – is this forum related to or someone just wanted to cash in somewhere?
  2. – was this the former domain name, where the 1st, 2nd and 3rd party registrants went AWOL?
  3. How about any hope?

Back to, check out this article, titled: Reboot and Rebrand Nigeria, doesn’t being a Nigerian begin to sound like a horror movie?

I mean, Reboot Nigeria? aren’t some people running totally insane? Or how about these all together: defragment Nigeria, format Nigeria, re-install Nigeria, copy paste Nigeria!

wahala dey o, no be small thin.


4 responses

  1. My God, I really believed that this project will atleast scratch the surface of the problems of Nigeria. Atleast from a brand perspective. It seems to just be another proposal adopted without its managers having a clue what its all about.

    We will give the subject a consideration of on our blog. Please check it out:

  2. And to entertain you some more, the guy who wrote the reboot Naija article was just given a job on Dora’s team..

  3. […] trying to rebrand or reboot Nigeria, as if Nigeria was a hundred dollar laptop, to rebranding her daughter and then holding Sony for […]

  4. Information minister has nothing for the future of this country.How can somebody rebrand most corrupt country?.

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