corporate responsibility – design and installation of the longest radio hop of 160 km in Kyrgysiztan

I don’t mean to be a kill-joy on this one, but hey I stumbled a not too professional looking website(my own opinion), owned by a Nigerian company, was surprised with the ‘turnkey projects’ they claimed to have accomplished and decided to look for more information on the claim.

Here: From the Teleact Networks website, I clicked on ‘Solutions’.

Click images to enlarge.

  • Main / Index Page:



  • Solutions Page



Turnkey solutions of more than 20,000 km of microwave networks in Africa for mobile operators and governments
Design and installation of a national carrier backbone in Latin America that was implemented in 6 months
Large national digital broadcast networks in Australia and Europe for Broadcast operators
Wireless broadband turnkey solutions in Europe and Latin America for ISPs and Enterprises
Design and installation of the longest radio hop of 160 km in Kyrgysiztan
The most powerful communication solution for mobile offshore drill ships at 110km out in the Norwegian Sea

This “Design and installation of the longest radio hop of 160 km in Kyrgysiztan” really caught my interest – I mean, such an achievement by a Nigerian company located in Ikeja?


Back to google, I went searching, for: “Design and installation of the longest radio hop of 160 km in Kyrgysiztan”. A first result went here:, a forum where someone made a reference(date: 2006) to my search term, but with another reference to another website.  Image below:


The reference, and another search result led me to the Nera Networks AS website, where the original content came from: click image below to enlarge.


I also discovered the Nera Networks has a regional office, here in Nigeria: click here for Nera Microwave Nigeria Ltd URL, click image below to enlarge:


how do we interpret all the above?

  • a cheap copy-paste by TeleAct Nigeria’s web designer / webmaster, resulting in posting online a seriously misleading information, to
  • a tie up between NERA Nigeria and TeleAct Network solutions that inspired TeleAct to design a website, etc.,

Corporate responsibility:

I just thought it right that TeleAct could have, at least:

  •  show-cased its own projects, its own products and identified itself as a child-company and buisness partner to Nera Networks AS, 
  • made reference to its partnership / relationship with Nera International – instead of doing a copy-paste of Nera International’s projects that might even have been accomplished before the TeleAct Network solution.

Isn’t this part of the re-branding we are all talking about?

your thoughts are welcome.


3 responses

  1. Like what you did. Here’s wishing you and yours a very happy and prosperous new year !

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  3. There is always room for Nigerian Business Network Improvement.

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