Farida Waziri: EFCCs operation eagle claw – over 800 fraudulent e-mail addresses have been identified and shut down

WaziriAfter reading the article on thisdayonline, with heading as: EFCC Shuts 800 Scam email Addresses, (left screenshot), I was of the opinion that ThisDay got the news piece awfully wrong., as in why should the EFCC shutting down 800 scam emails become ‘major news’ when it takes fae-less than 5minutes to create an email address, as far as scammers are concerned.

I proceeded to the EFCC website to check for the same article. While it carries a different title: EFCC shuts down 800 scam websites, busts 18 syndicates, the EFCC big boss was quoted as saying:


According to Waziri, “We expect that Eagle Claw as conceived will be 100% operational within six months and at full capacity, it will take Nigeria out of the top 10 list of countries with the highest incidence of fraudulent e-mails. At the moment, Eagle Claw has delivered the following results:

Over 800 fraudulent e-mail addresses have been identified and shut down. The EFCC is fine tuning security modalities with Microsoft and upon full deployment, the capacity to take down fraudulent e-mails will increase to 5,000 monthly. Further it is projected that advisory mails to be sent to victims and potential victims will be about 230,000 monthly.

“There have been 18 arrests of high profile syndicates operating cyber crime organizations.”

the above quote in bold characters appeared on both articles. So while Thisdayonline could have taken their article title from Waziri’s quote, the EFCC itself says its websites, not email addresses.

I was just wondering if big boss Waziri knows the difference between emails and website addresses for her to make such an error in front of an international gathering.


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